Nicole Kidman Supports Australian Music Industry In Sultry New Photo With Husband Keith Urban

Keith Urban pulled his wife Nicole Kidman close into a tight snuggle, hooking his thumbs into the back pockets of her jeans for a sultry new Instagram share. The couple, who have been married for 14 years, appeared to be more in love than ever. Their affection toward one another was evident in the image, where they pulled one another chest-to-chest in the photograph. In the caption, Nicole shared her love for the Australian music industry. She revealed that Australian music T-shirt day is celebrated on November 20, and fans should wear a shirt featuring their favorite Aussie musician.

She contributed her own post as she wore a black tee that supported her husband Keith Urban.

Keith hugged his wife close in the snap. He wore a dark, long-sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans. On his right arm, near his wrist, a tattoo was visible. His shaggy blondish hair was cut into a fringe around his face. The lower part of the fingers on his right hand was also inked, as was the middle finger of his left hand. Next to that, he wore a thick, silver wedding band.

The Oscar-winning actress's tour tee featured her handsome country music superstar spouse. The back had a photograph of Keith playing guitar. She paired the top with light blue jeans. She fashioned her long, blond hair into a messy, tight, topknot. Long bangs brushed her forehead and nose. Her arms were wrapped around her husband's neck. Her elbows rested atop his shoulders.

She smiled and her eyes were closed as she appeared to clearly enjoy posing for this sweet snap with her good-looking hubby.

The background of the photograph was blurry. It appeared to have been taken indoors as outlines of furniture could be seen in the distance.

Fans of the actress and recording superstar adored the snap. They added their sentiments in the comments section of the share.

"You guys are literally the cutest things ever," penned one fan.

"He loves you so very much, as do you! My biggest question is::::DOES HE HAVE A TWIN??????" asked a second follower.

"I own about a million shirts with your husband on them, so I think I am prepared for this," joked a third Instagram user of the challenge.

"Aw LOVE!!! Cutest damn couple ever! Good choice on that shirt!" wrote a fourth fan, who followed up their statement with a series of red emoji hearts.