Vicky Aisha Flaunts Major Cleavage & Hourglass Curves In Latest Update

Vicky Aisha snaps a selfie.
Vicky Aisha / Instagram

Curvaceous bombshell Vicky Aisha showed some serious skin in a new photo shared to Instagram on Wednesday. The Australian tattoo model and aerialist stripped down to a skimpy bodysuit that exposed her abundant cleavage and bodacious hips, showing off her hourglass curves as she posed on a fur rug.

Vicky was sitting with her legs spread, tilting her head to the side as she looked up at the camera with an intense, alluring gaze. She arched her back, pushing her chest into focus, and parted her plump lips in a provocative expression. The half-body shot only showed a glimpse of her strong, curvy thighs, maintaining the attention on her shapely chest. The pose emphasized the difference between her small waist and the swell of her hips, while the high angle and close perspective offered a great view of her voluptuous assets.

The buxom blonde opted for a low-cut, beige bodysuit with a daring neckline that teased her underboob tattoo. The strappy number featured underwire half-cups that struggled to contain her curves, causing her bosom to nearly spill out. The one-piece also boasted an outrageous high cut around the legs that rendered the hot look all the more revealing. It sported a glossy print that resembled leopard spots, which shined to flatter Vicky’s glowing tan.

The stunner gave fans a back view of the seductive outfit in a sizzling slideshow uploaded the previous day, wherein she put her ample booty on display while lounging on her tummy.

The 29-year-old seemed eager to talk with her fans, taking to her caption to suggest a “fun” game. She invited her audience to make assumptions about her in the comments section, taking it upon herself to confirm which ones were true.

Many of her followers took up the challenge, trying to prove how well they know Vicky by citing all sorts of trivia about her. As promised, the model engaged her supporters in the comments, taking time to reply “true” or “false” to their messages.

One person correctly guessed that she loved gardening. A second Instagrammer mentioned her love of animals, which Vicky promptly confirmed.

“You’re mostly vegetarian, hyper mobility, in the circus, raised on a farm, super sweet, most gorgeous woman alive,” read a third comment, which the model also marked as correct.

“People may assume that you’re are [sic] a party girl when in reality you rather be at home with your fur children, being a couch potato, in sweats watching TV lol,” said another fan.

Vicky didn’t hesitate to reply, writing, “absolutely true!”

However, not everyone got their answers right. One Instagram user suggested that the big-bottomed blonde had gotten butt implants, which Vicky denied.

“Dr Pepper is your favorite drink?” read one comment.

“False. Water and kombucha!” said the Aussie hottie.

“You like ketchup on you’re [sic] Cheeseburger but just a drop of Mustard only,” another follower ventured a guess, to which Vicky replied she didn’t like cheeseburgers at all.