Nicole Thorne Pulls Down Her Swimsuit & Lies Topless On The Beach In Steamy New Update

Instagram model Nicole Thorne cranked up the heat on her page Wednesday night with a sizzling new photo that captured her at the beach. The Australian bombshell was clad in a fiery-red one-piece that left little to the imagination, pulling her swimsuit halfway down her body as she posed in the sand.

The 29-year-old lounged on her tummy, giving fans a side view of her killer curves. Nicole leaned on her elbows and raised her shoulders, turning her smoldering gaze to the camera. She languidly rested her forehead against her cupped hands, showcasing the subtle gold ring she wore on her index finger. She arched her back and stuck out her booty, slightly parting her plump lips in a provocative way. Her wet hair was swept to the side, spilling down her arm and on the sand and allowing her supple neck to be seen.

The topless beauty flashed some major sideboob in the alluring pose, teasing her deep cleavage and tight abs. The bathing suit was peeled down to her ribs, clinging to her midriff and accentuating her lithe figure. Its incredible high cut made it look like the garment was gathered around her midsection, leaving nearly just as much skin on display on either side. The look completely bared Nicole's slender hip, drawing the eye to her sculpted waist.

Her toned buns were also left on show by the revealing thong bottoms. The snapshot cut off at the upper-thigh, maintaining the focus on her rounded posterior. A few grains of sand clung to her buttock, further calling attention to her voluptuous assets.

The swimsuit was a rich, dark shade that flattered Nicole's glowing tan. The sunny beach and light-toned background gave prominence to her attire, making her swimwear and bronzed skin emerge as the main splash of color in the shot.

A geotag identified the location of the photo as Coolangatta, in Queensland, Australia. The model credited the snap to professional photographer Benjamin Patrick, who has worked with Nicole in the past.

As expected, the steamy upload was met with a lot of enthusiasm by Nicole's followers, who clicked the like button on her post more than 10,700 times in the first seven hours. While many of her admirers were left speechless by the smoking-hot, opting to express their adoration only with emoji, plenty of fans dropped gushing messages in the comments section.

"Umm you're unreal [heart-eyes emoji] this shot is amazing," wrote one person.

"You're always amazing," chimed in another smitten fan, who ended their message with a heart.

"You are insane girl!" read a third comment, trailed by a fire emoji.

"That beautiful rich red of your swimsuit - love it," said a fourth Instagrammer.

Just last week, Nicole spiced up her fans' feed with another topless pic wherein she put her insane body on full display. Snapped in a bathroom, the scorching brunette draped a towel over her bare chest, showing off her chiseled midriff and long, lean legs.