Donald Trump Cites Cyber Analyst Linked To Website That Allegedly Hosted Child Pornography

Tyler MacDonald

Early on Thursday morning, Donald Trump shared a One America News segment on Twitter that spoke to cyber analyst Ron Watkins, who Gizmodo claimed used to be an administrator for 8kun.

According to a tweet by NBC News reporter Ben Collins, the website — owned by the analyst's father, Jim Watkins — was rebranded from its previous name, 8chan, due to its link to the manifestos of mass murderers. In addition to these reported manifestos, Mother Jones claimed that the site was also known for hosting child pornography and its owner's profiteering from domains that contained this material.

"The domains' names include terms such as 'preteen,' 'schoolgirl," and 'child' alongside graphic terms for genitalia and words like 'rape' and 'love.' It's unclear what, if anything, is currently being served at the domains. However, an analysis of metadata collected years ago from one by shows dozens of filenames and links containing highly suggestive terms, including 'xxxpreteen,' 'children,' and sexual references to girls aged 12 to 15."
"We're not child pornographers, and we don't host child pornography, and we don't condone that."

As noted by Breitbart, concern over the company's technology is not new. In a letter sent on December 6, 2019, prominent Democrat leaders — including Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, and Amy Klobuchar — expressed concern about the industry. The letter was sent to three of the leading election technology companies in the United States, including Staple Street Capital, which invests in Dominion Voting Systems.

Trump and his allies pointed to erroneously reported results in Antrim County, Michigan, as a reason to suspect the company — which the county uses for tallying its votes — might have influenced election results. Regardless, many of the president's lawsuits in the ongoing battle against Joe Biden's projected victory have been dismissed. In addition, some Republican lawmakers are allegedly waiting for the head of state to accept defeat.