Jason Momoa Is Covered In Mud For 'No BS' Photoshoot & He's Sexier Than Ever

Jason Momoa is the new cover man for Men's Health magazine. The Aquaman star shared some of the pics from his photo shoot with the publication on his Instagram page on November 18. The actor spent the day splashing around and riding in the mud on a dune buggy and was all smiles for what he called "one of the best" shoots he's done.

In several of the shots, Jason was covered in mud that had been caked on his skin after some time in the sun. The 41-year-old's long brunette locks were also crusted over, as was his brown tank top. The shirt exposed his strong arms, which were also quite dirty, but Jason seemed to welcome it all as he flashed his pearly whites.

Another look in the series featured Jason in a short-sleeved button-down shirt, which he left unbuttoned at the top and down toward the bottom. He sported maroon pants as well, which clung to him at his hips. He ran down a steep sandy dune while laughing in one of the images, as the wind blew his shirt open, exposing part of his toned tummy. The actor even took a spin on a vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle -- a bike from the company he has a fierce loyalty to.

Men's Health described the Game of Thrones alum with the tagline "Big Arms, Broad Shoulders, No BS."

Speaking to the magazine, Jason talked about his upcoming film, Dune, which is set to premiere on December 18. The Hawaiian discussed how excited he was to work with co-star Javier Bardem, who he called a "boss." Director Denis Villeneuve and lead Timothee Chalamet felt the same about Jason and gave him their praises when briefly talking to the publication.

Eventually, the conversation switched to his famous broad physique. Jason admitted he started a new fitness discipline recently to become more agile for fight scenes and said it was not as easy as he thought.

"So I tried yoga the other day, and it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life," he said. "I'd rather squat a car. Climbing El Capitan would be easier than doing two hours of yoga. I can't bend over anymore! My hamstrings are so tight. It's pathetic. I remember one time I was all yoked out for Conan the Barbarian, and I was in a yoga class with these older ladies in Topanga and everyone was just holding their arms up and I was like, [screams] 'This is so hard!' "

When it comes to his strong stature, Jason didn't give many tips as he doesn't spend a whole lot of time in the gym. According to the Justice League hero, "it's genetics."