Melissa Riso Slays In Rainbow Swimwear Poolside: 'Live And Learn'

Melissa Riso took to Instagram to share a tantalizing photo of herself by the poolside, and she lay down a lot of truth in her caption.

In the shot, Melissa sat beside a pool on a raised gorgeous blue-and-green tiled deck with green trees and large pool floaties in the background. A hint of the blue sky was visible between the foliage. She sat leaning to one side, resting her weight on her hand with one leg on the platform. The model showed off her toned legs by bending the other one and resting her pointed toes on the platform. She placed her other hand on her sun-kissed shin, showcasing her lavender manicure.

Melissa wore a teal, blue, and lavender bikini top that featured two triangular cups with ruching. They were connected by a matching strap that wrapped around her ribcage. A unique teal-and-purple halter strap secured the swimsuit around her neck. The look showcased her voluptuous cleavage, ample curves, and flat tummy, which only had a hint of a scar after her recent navel tattoo removal. She paired it with matching bottoms that featured gold grommets over each hip, connecting the center fabric to the straps.

The model's highlighted brunette locks cascaded in big, loose curls over one shoulder from a deep side part. A shorter layer partially obscured one eye. Melissa held her full lips slightly open, revealing a few of her straight white teeth, and she gazed fiercely into the distance, squinting her eyes in the bright sunlight.

Melissa left a long caption, giving her followers a lot of advice. She also revealed that her swimsuit came from European designer Dolcessa Swimwear, and she credited Mickie Vulture for the photography. Her fans showed the look a lot of love, with nearly 4,000 hitting the "like" button. Almost 130 also took the time to leave an uplifting comment.

"The words of a true angel. You are smart, wise, and gorgeous," one fan wrote, including an angel with wings and a halo.

"You look so cute, princess! A true natural beauty. I love this pose and this suit," a second devotee enthused, adding tongues, hearts, and flames.

"THIS....all day and forever. So beautiful and perfect. Your wise words show another level of beauty beyond your outer gorgeousness," a third follower declared with a diamond ring and red heart-kiss smiley.

"Your head is in the right place, young lady! Looking great," a fourth Instagram user replied, along with roses and hearts.