'General Hospital' Spoiler Shocker: Brad's Fighting For His Life & Cyrus Seems To Be Responsible

Wednesday's episode of General Hospital brought a shocking development for viewers. Brad Cooper hadn't been seen for a while after being shipped off to jail due to the Wiley baby swap. However, he just popped back up and it looks like he's fighting for his life.

Luckily, General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that he'll pull through this, but this might have a big impact on quite a few others.

Cyrus Renault and Julian Jerome had an intense conversation at Charlie's Pub during Wednesday's show. Julian tried to save himself by revealing that Marcus Taggert was still alive and that was quite a surprise for Cyrus. As much as Julian hoped this bombshell would get Cyrus off his back, it doesn't look as if he'll have it that easy.

In true Cyrus style, he cryptically told Julian that he'd done something to ensure that all possible threats to Julian in terms of revealing his involvement in the baby swap were eliminated. A few moments later, he suggested that Julian would receive details soon.

In the midst of that, Dr. Britt Westbourne was stunned when a new patient was rushed into General Hospital and it was an unconscious Brad on the gurney. He apparently was attacked, and this was surely the handiwork of Cyrus' men.

"Cyrus is dead to me. He did something to Brad," one General Hospital fan said on Twitter as this aired.

William deVry and Parry Shen of 'General Hospital'
Walt Disney Television | Todd Wawrychuk

Will he die after this prison attack? Luckily, General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will survive. Next Tuesday, he will have a nightmare and Britt will be by his side. These two have been besties for years now, and viewers will surely be thrilled to see them together again.

Does this mean Brad will survive this attack and be around for the foreseeable future? It seems possible, but it's certainly not guaranteed.

On the one hand, Julian Jerome is on the verge of leaving Port Charles. He's been backed into a corner by Cyrus, and actor William deVry recently confirmed that he's wrapped up his last scenes.

That could be bad news for Julian's former son-in-law too if everybody tied to the Wiley saga is ultimately silenced. However, General Hospital just shocked everybody by bringing Lucas back. Not only is Lucas back, but he's being played by actor Matt Trudeau now instead of Ryan Carnes.

With Britt back and Lucas potentially in the mix of things once more, could this attack on Brad perhaps get him an early release from prison so he's around again too?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Britt will soon realize that everything Jason told her about Cyrus was right. As a result, she may step up to help Jason.

"Now this drug trafficking hit's close to home with her BFF Brad," a fan tweeted.

"Cyrus can die as well. Brad is precious. You do not hurt the Brad!!" another tweet read.

"BRAD!! What happened to our Brad?? #GH (does this mean we get @parryshen back?)," someone else questioned.

Julian might be leaving, but that doesn't necessarily mean the baby swap issue is buried for good. General Hospital fans are quite excited by the possibility that they'll see more of actor Parry Shen in the weeks ahead and people are curious to see what's on the way.