Kate Bock Goes Pantsless & Bares Booty In Smoking-Hot Monochromatic Photo

Kate Bock left very little to the imagination in her latest social media update. The Sports Illustrated bikini model looked smoking hot in an outfit which left her booty bare and her 741,000 followers clamoring for more.

The Canadian beauty took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off her incredible body in a photograph for Editorialist Magazine. Kate seemed to be in a pensive mood and shared her thoughts for the year 2020. In particular, she was thankful for the silver linings and mourned the losses. In addition, she appreciated the moments and the people she has in her life. She added two heart emoji.

The supermodel posed against a mirror which added an extra dimension to the image. She wore a sleeveless top which flared at the neckline. The dark material contrasted sharply with her fair skin, and its ruffled texture rippled against her upper body. Kate stood in profile and lifted one shoulder. The muscles in her back were clearly visible in the image.

Kate cinched in her minuscule waist with a broad belt which drew attention to her lean midsection. The top's hemline ended just above her derriere and gathered in the front, highlighting the lack of clothing on the bottom half of her body.

The 27-year-old went pantsless in a move that excited her followers. She put one leg in front of the other, flaunting her nude backside and toned legs. Kate placed a hand on her thigh as she posed for the camera.

Kate oozed seductive vibes in the snap. She turned her head so that she looked at the camera with a sexy come-hither stare. She slightly parted her full lips as she let her eyes do most of the talking.

Her hair added volume and movement to the photo. She styled her tresses in a side part and allowed the blond lengths to cascade around her in free-flowing, tumbling waves.

Kate's fans certainly appreciated the snap. It has already garnered more than 15,000 likes and a slew of comments. Many didn't even have the words to express their thoughts and relied on various emoji to get their message across.

"No pants dance," one person raved.

Another found Kate attractive.

"Wow ridiculously hot and I'm hetero!" they said.

"You lost your underpants!" a follower also stated the obvious.

A fourth Instagrammer thought that Katie was on to something.

"Wow you look fantastic! Two of you is better than one!" they gushed.

Kate recently took to the social media platform to show off her figure in some bikini shots. In those pics, she also showed off her backside and chiseled abs.