Alex Trebek's Daughter Nicky Posts On Instagram For The First Time Since Her Dad's Death

Tyler MacDonald

Nicky Trebek, the daughter of the late Alex Trebek, posted on Instagram on Monday for the first time since the longtime Jeopardy! host passed away earlier this month.

"Your father was well loved by the entire nation. You must be a very proud daughter," one supporter wrote.

"Positive & high vibrating like you, Squeen," a second person commented.

"Sending you so much love!!!" another supporter remarked.

"Love you," a fourth individual stated.

Nicky was adopted by her dad when she was 6 years old and was the host's first daughter. As reported by Pop Culture, the adoption came after the television personality married her biological mother, Elaine Trebek Kares. The artist remained close to her father even after he divorced her mother in 1981.

Just three years after the divorce, Jeopardy! returned to television after a five-year absence and Nicky began helping her dad behind the scenes on the long-running show, where she continues to work to this day.

Back in June, Nicky spoke to InsideWink about what it has been like to work with her father on Jeopardy!

"I can't explain the special relationship I've had with Jeopardy! My life has taken me many different directions over the past 30 years but being back at Jeopardy! for the past five has been an incredible blessing."
"It's interesting how we are guided to different places in our lives and I believe I'm there to support and be a blessing to him which makes me really grateful. Especially now."

Per Pop Culture, the host spent his final hours on a swing watching the horizon with his wife. He was reportedly coherent and not in pain during his last day alive.