Amanda Cerny Gets Soaking Wet & Plays Around In The Ocean While Teasing She's Got Nowhere To Go

Amanda Cerny shared a sultry quartet of snapshots with her 25.4 million Instagram followers on Tuesday afternoon. She teased that she was all dressed up but had nowhere to go, adding in a hashtag that referenced the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The set of photos featured Cerny wearing a black dress. The garment had double spaghetti straps that crossed over one another in the back. The material clung to the 29-year-old's curvy figure as she showed off all of the luscious angles of her incredibly fit physique.

In the first shot, Cerny stood with the photographer positioned behind her. Some rocks could be seen at the edge of the frame and the waves of the ocean were just beyond her. She looked over her shoulder toward the camera, her wet, brunette tresses swept over to tumble over her left shoulder.

The dress was wet, as was her hair, and the garment highlighted the curves of her perky booty.

The second photo featured Cerny sitting on her knees in the shallow water near the shore. She looked at the camera with a sultry expression on her face and rested her hands between her legs that were spread apart slightly. The dress dipped low in the front, allowing her to show off her busty assets.

The third snapshot was even more titillating. Cerny laid down in the shallow water, bracing herself with her arms. Her curvy backside demanded attention with this position as the bottom hem of the garment snuck up on her booty and revealed a hint of bare skin.

Cerny waded deeper into the water for the final photograph. The fabric was caught by the swirling waves and billowed behind her a bit. In addition, the scoop neckline and angle of the snap revealed another glimpse of her ample bosom.

"Woww amazingg," a follower commented.

"Omg queen," another raved.

"Mermaid vibes," a third user noted.

"My face literally brightens up whenever your new post notification pops up on my phone's screen," a fourth admirer detailed.

More than 205,000 likes and 960 comments poured in from Cerny's followers in the first hour after she initially shared this set of shots. Plenty of fire and queen emoji were sprinkled throughout the comments section, as were other appreciative icons as people embraced the set of tantalizing shots.

A couple of weeks ago, Cerny shared a peek at a photo shoot she'd been doing for Forbes. She uploaded a video and teased that the setup had a 90s vibe to it as she showed off her curves. That was a big hit with her followers too, and nearly 400,000 people liked that clip.