WWE’s Chelsea Green Lounges By The Ocean & Flaunts Enviable Legs In One-Piece Swimsuit

Chelsea Green appears on WWE television

WWE superstar Chelsea Green recently teased her 542,000 Instagram followers with a saucy photo, which she uploaded to her account on Tuesday, November 17. The picture depicted the beautiful brunette sporting some revealing swimming attire while lying on the beach.

In the snap, Green lay down in the sand as the ocean waves floated in behind her. She wore a two-tone one-piece metallic swimsuit that showed off athletic legs and chest area. The center of the attire also featured a slit that exposed her flat tummy and bellybutton.

Green lay on her side with her sun-kissed legs in a crossed position. Her right hand rested comfortably on her thigh while she gazed into the camera, boasting a dreamy look on her face.

The WWE superstar’s wavy brown hair was wet and covered half of her face. The eye that wasn’t covered with hair, however, was firmly transfixed on the camera.

The dark blue ocean and sky were both visible in the background, adding to the serene quality of the picture. It was a sunny day, and Green appeared content and relaxed. While her surroundings complemented Green’s beauty, the wrestler commanded most of the attention.

In the accompanying caption, Green noted that the swimsuit was her kind of outfit. Her followers seemed to agree with her sentiment as well. Over 9000 hit the like button, and a few hundred took a moment to give her compliments.

“Always delivering the flavor on IG,” gushed one Instagram user.

Fellow wrestler Jake Atlas also weighed in via his Instagram account, noting how he’s a fan of Green.

“Nice pic of you at the beach,” stated a second Instagrammer.

“I hope you do your photo shoots to your entrance music. We stan,” wrote the performer.

Some of Green’s fans also asked how she was feeling following her surgery. As pointed out by Wrestling Inc, the superstar broke her wrist on last week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown and had to be taken to the hospital as a result.

The stunner appeared looked healthy in her latest snap, though, suggesting that it was taken before she got injured during her main roster debut. It might be a few weeks until she’s back on television, but at least she’s still entertaining her admirers in the meantime.

Green has spent some time on the beach recently. As The Inquisitr recently documented, she rocked some racy swimming attire and flaunted her derriere in a photo that she uploaded to her social media last week.