Tattoo Model Jessica Wilde Poses Topless While Wearing A Sheer Beaded Necklace

Shawna Cory

Tattoo artist and Instagram model Jessica Wilde stunned her 912,000 social media followers with her most recent update on Tuesday afternoon. The prolifically-inked brunette beauty adorned herself in an elaborate shawl necklace and covered her bare bust with her arms in the pair of sultry snaps, which racked up over 7,600 likes in the first 40 minutes after the post was uploaded.

Jessica appeared to be sitting in front of the camera as she faced the viewer head-on with her shoulders squared. The images captured her body down to her hips — displaying the narrow straps of her black panties and the alluring swell of her upper thighs. However, the diffused light pulled the focus up toward her striking features and bare chest.

Jessica bent both elbows and lifted her hands up against her slender neck, using her forearms to cover a portion of her voluptuous breasts. The center of her chest remained exposed, and the light illuminated the roundness of the soft flesh as it spilled beneath the exquisite garment that was draped around her shoulders.

The shawl she wore had a high neckline and covered her decolletage, but featured a virtually invisible slip of fabric upon which an intricate collection of gold and bronze-colored beads were stitched in evenly spaced draping lines and flowers. The bottom hem was embellished with a row of black beaded fringe that rested across her arms and plunged into a deep "V" shape just above her navel.

The position of Jessica's arms prominently displayed sections of her colorful tattoos, with particular focus upon a series of turquoise waves and a red hibiscus on a black background rendered in a traditional style.

In the first snap, Jessica gazed at the camera with wide eyes and seductively parted lips. Her right fingertips grazed the bottom of her jaw, and her left palm faced her body, lightly covering her collarbone.

Her long, dark hair was casually styled and spilled over her shoulders in loose waves.

The shadowy background displayed a wooden bookshelf and numerous potted plants of different sizes and types.

Jessica's Instagram followers eagerly took to the comments section with praise for the small-town girl from Canada, who is also currently a columnist for Inked magazine.

"Queen of the damned vibes!" one fan exclaimed.

"Wowza. The color pops so beautiful on your sleeves!!!" a second person added.