Nick Jonas Returns To 'The Voice' & Replaces Gwen Stefani In New Season 20 Promo

Nick Jonas is returning to The Voice and will replace Gwen Stefani in a new promo clip. The announcement was made today by the show, which asked viewers to welcome the Jonas Brothers member back after a one-year absence. The clip showed series coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton walking together in a hallway as they spoke about the upcoming season.

In the clip, Kelly remarked that she was excited about the upcoming season. She wondered aloud who the new coach was. Blake responded that he had no idea. He turned to John and questioned him if he knew, and he responded he was totally in the dark.

The camera quickly panned over to Nick, who was seated on a print area rug as he meditated. He wore a white shirt, shorts and socks in the area that featured chairs and some candles.

Nick was heard in a voice-over that he had been living and breathing The Voice since Season 18. He envisioned himself hitting the red button on his judge's chair as he competed against both John and Blake. Nick practiced hitting the button faster in the video and claimed he had honed his skills and channeled his inner champion. He tied a ninja headband around his head and exclaimed that little did his fellow co-stars know, but he had upped his skills by the day and the newbie had now become the master.

Blake looked at Nick, who was seated with his eyes closed, and asked if he was taking a nap. He responded that a warrior never sleeps. Blake joked that Nick was cute when he was scary.

In his first year on the series, Nick made it to the finals with Thunderstorm Artis. He revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he treated his team members the way he did his Jonas Brothers bandmates Joe and Kevin. He claimed that he did not view himself in an alpha situation and that the collaboration between him as a coach and his artists should be collaborative.

Fans were quick to share their comments regarding Nick's return.

"Hell yes! While you're at it, can you bring Adam [Levine] back too!" asked one fan.

"I was waiting for this so much," wrote a second viewer.

"YESSS. I'M SO EXCITED FOR IT. Our Nick is backkk. YESSSSS. LET'S GOOO LET'S GOOOOO. I'M SO SO EXCITED," penned a third Instagram follower.

"Yay! Nick and Kelly are my favorite coaches," claimed a fourth fan.