Kelly Ripa Shares Sultry Pics Of Her Man Crush Mark Consuelos: 'Come Get Me Daddy'

Kelly Ripa shared two sultry pics of her man crush Mark Consuelos as the couple remains distanced from one another due to Mark's work as a cast member of Riverdale, which tapes in Canada. Kelly and Mark have been apart since September when he returned to the set to continue his work in the role of family patriarch Hiram Lodge. Since then, Kelly has shared with her 2.8 million followers just how much she has missed her handsome hubby on Instagram, as seen here. Yet none of her tributes or comments have been as sassy as the two snaps she uploaded most recently.

In the first of two images, Kelly posted a photograph of Mark as he lay in the sun on a tropical vacation.

He reclined at the tiled edge of an infinity pool. This is a type of pool where the water flows over one or more edges, which tricks the eye into believing there is no end. Many of these types of pools are designed so that the water appears to merge with the ocean or even the sky in some cases.

Mark's chiseled body was on full display as he leaned back with his legs crossed and pointed toward the pool. He wore a pair of bright orange swim trunks and sunglasses. He was surrounded by lush palm trees, green foliage, and a stunning blue sky.

While Kelly did not state where the images were snapped, she got cheeky in the comments section of the share after her husband responded to her tropical post by writing, "let's go there now."

The Live with Kelly and Ryan host quipped, "Come get me, daddy."

In the second image, the married couple of 24 years stood alongside one another in the same locale in a nighttime shot. Half of Kelly's face was seen as she posed next to Mark, who had a large cigar clenched in his teeth.

Fans of the duo jumped at the chance to chime in regarding the sultry snaps.

"I see you've chosen the photo carefully," joked one follower.

Kelly replied that they had no idea how carefully and how limiting her choice was.

"U guys really are the most adorable people," claimed a second fan.

"What I wouldn't give to find a love like yours!! You are both very lucky!! Hard to believe the couple I used to watch on AMC is still together and happy!!" remarked a third Instagram user.

"Been a while since we got to see Daddy," wrote a fourth fan of the endearing nickname Kelly has for her handsome husband.