‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans React To Tyra Banks’ Oversized Sideways Hat After Wild Semifinals Entrance

The supermodel confused fans with her wacky headgear as she kicked off the 'DWTS' semifinals.

The Dancing with the Stars cast onstage.
Eric McCandless / ABC

The supermodel confused fans with her wacky headgear as she kicked off the 'DWTS' semifinals.

Tyra Banks is known for her show-stopping outfits on Dancing with the Stars, but her latest look may have taken the cake.

The 46-year-old supermodel made a grand entrance into the ballroom for semifinals week wearing an oversized, wide-brimmed black hat that was perched sideways on the right side of her head and looked like it would topple her over.

Tyra’s hat accessorized a long black-and-silver sequined gown, which, in a rare move, she wore for the entire two-hour show. The America’s Next Top Model alum only wore the wild hat for her entrance, which was a decidedly slower walk than her usual catwalk-style strut. Yet, the wacky headpiece appeared onscreen long enough to garner a huge audience reaction.

On Twitter, viewers were confused by the ABC host’s oversized accessory. One viewer compared it to a flying saucer, while another thought it looked like a giant record album on her head.

“Tyra’s hat is scaring me,” one viewer tweeted.

Another tweet stated that the DWTS host could “take somebody’s eye out” with the pointy headgear.

“Is Tyra trying to communicate with the Voyager probe with that hat?” another fan on Twitter asked.

“Hmmm why Tyra hat looking like a satellite dish? Tyra, [Direct TV] called they would like their dish back,” a different Twitter user joked.

“I had to laugh at Tyra’s entrance this week.” another tweeted. “The hat wow, looked like one of Saturn’s rings and then figured she was getting interference from HBO on it.”

While not everyone loved the hat, longtime Dancing with the Stars musical director Ray Chew certainly did. He shared a Twitter video of Tyra’s wild walk into the ballroom and praised her swag and style.

This isn’t the first time Tyra topped off one of her DWTS costumes with an over-the-top hat. For ’80s Night she had viewers buzzing when she wore an LL Cool J-style bucket hat for one of her three outfit changes.

From the moment she took over for Tom Bergeron as host of Dancing with the Stars, Tyra made it clear that she planned to infuse fashion into the show. She continues to work closely with her stylist, Brendon Alexander, on her weekly looks.

The model also previously admitted that her goal for the DWTS theme nights was to get people talking.

“Like I’m thinking Met Ball times 10 on theme nights,” she told reporters, per Parade. “I am thinking it’s definitely going to be something that people will be picking up their phones to tweet and Facebook and Instagram and Chic Talk about when they see these outfits for these theme nights.”