‘SimCity’ Getting Additional Fixes After 2.0 Patch Caused More Problems

SimCity got an update last week that was supposed to fix quite a few of the problems that players had been having since launch. It turns out the EA and Maxis still haven’t really figured out how to fix their issues.

A post on the official EA blog says the company understands that the patch actually caused a number of new problems. The company also announced that they will be rolling out new fixes that are geared toward fixing the problems that were already supposed to be fixed.

SimCity has had users’ heads spinning since it was first released thanks in large part to its always-on DRM. The fact that the game was built to only run online seemed like a good idea at the time, but, when it was rolled out to the real world, problems arose almost immediately.

Among the issues that the game has already seen were servers going down for prolonged periods of time as well as features of the game that simply didn’t give it a realistic feel.

It should be pointed out that EA is still not exactly admitting that they don’t really seem to know how to fix the problems that keep popping up in their signature simulation game. In the actual post, the company acknowledges that their fans are “always wanting more” without actually saying why they might already be prepping for another patch.

The company also said that it is reviewing bug reports and other tools in order to figure out where the fixes are needed to aim at this time.

Among the issues that Electronic Arts has already recognized are that some players are experiencing higher than expected air pollution readings since the patch was released. High school buses are also apparently being stuck in neighboring cities.

The biggest issue continues to be that the game is crashing far too often than should be expected at this point in its release cycle.

Are you playing SimCity and have you noticed any problems since the patch?