Golden Girl: Christie Brinkley Enjoys Fall Foliage In Enchanting Garden Covered With Yellow Leaves

Effie Orfanides

Christie Brinkley took to Instagram over the weekend to share some photos and even an IGTV video from her enchanting garden. The former supermodel kept her overall look casual as she walked around getting some essential things done before the cooler weather sets in. From pruning to winterizing, Brinkley spent her Sunday caring for the trees, plants, and flowers, presumably outside of her home in Long Island, New York.

As you can see in the photo set below, Brinkley's Golden Oak tree has shed many of its leaves. While the tree still bears some leaves, Brinkley shared some snaps of where other leaves had fallen, covering nearly the entire patio area in a sea of yellow.

"Hey, guys. It is a gorgeous fall day! We're about to have a big storm today complete with 60 mile-an-hour winds and everything. But, right now, we've got all those blackbirds swirling around. I've been so busy, I haven't had time to keep up," Brinkley said, looking into the phone camera.

She was wearing large gloves on her hands and was holding a pair of shears. She went on to film scenes from her yard as the blackbirds flew overhead. The wind was picking up and could be heard whistling in the background as Brinkley shared some nature with her 652,000 Instagram followers. Her fans absolutely loved the 8-minute update.

"Beautiful, Christie...just like you...only fitting that beauty should surround you," one social media user commented.

"What an absolutely transporting November mini-vacation-meditation it is to watch this whole video. It's as if it was just here waiting to help me relax after a lonnnng day," added a second.

"I love your appreciation for nature and the gifts that are around us every day," wrote a third.

Brinkley appears to have made it through the night no worse for wear and was back outside on Monday. She took to her Instagram stories to share some photos of an adorable little Goldfinch that came to visit her. She noted that the bird had flown from window to window, seemingly wanting to enter Brinkley's house. She then took a video of a squirrel "caught red-handed" checking out the place.

Brinkley, 66, spends quite a bit of time outdoors, enjoying all that mother nature has to offer. As you can see from her Instagram account, she greatly enjoys keeping up with her garden.