‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Cyrus Has Demands For Both Julian & Brando

Jeff Kober films as Cyrus Renault on 'General Hospital'
Nick Agro / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 16 suggest that Cyrus Renault will be making some intense demands of those around him. Both Julian Jerome and Brando Corbin will be on the receiving ends of these demands, and things could get pretty hairy for both of them.

During Friday’s episode, Cyrus gave Sasha some drugs and took her back to his place. Initially, she was thrilled with the effects of what he gave her. Quite quickly, however, things took a turn and she ended up collapsing on the floor of his place. Brando burst through the door, and the action picks up where it left off during Monday’s episode.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Cyrus will order Brando to get rid of her. General Hospital spoilers have noted that Cyrus will insist he will not go down for this, and initially, it seems as if Sasha may end up dying from this overdose.

However, there have been General Hospital teasers suggesting that she does survive. This overdose will likely shake up everybody connected to her, and it could spell trouble for Cyrus. Will Brando manage to maintain his cover with the mobster while still keeping an eye out for Sasha’s wellbeing though?

The General Hospital preview also showed that Cyrus will soon have a demand for Julian as well. Julian knows he is in a tough spot now, in part because he told the mobster the truth about what he’s trying to keep hidden from Sonny Corinthos.

This week, Julian will have a very difficult decision to make. Cyrus apparently will tell Julian that he needs to kill Jason Morgan. Julian doesn’t necessarily have any particular affinity for Jason, other than the fact his daughter Sam McCall is in love with him. Regardless, Julian will surely balk at following through on this request.

While Cyrus is trying to deal with all of this from his end, General Hospital teasers suggest that Jason will be working angles of his own. According to SheKnows Soaps, soon Jason will open up to Dr. Britt Westbourne during Tuesday’s show.

Jason will share a theory with Britt, and it seems that this could be tied to Cyrus’ drug-running and Sasha’s overdose. As the week progresses, General Hospital teasers indicate that Britt will begin to realize she might be in over her head. In addition, Julian will try to shift gears.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that within the next few weeks, Julian will bid farewell to Port Charles. Will he do this on his own terms, or will all of his misdeeds finally lead to his death? The next few shows may provide some sense of what’s to come as viewers wait for someone to destroy Cyrus once and for all.