'The Bachelorette' Star Dale Moss Causes A Stir With A Ring On 'That' Finger

The Bachelorette fans are buzzing over a weekend Instagram post from Clare Crawley's fiance Dale Moss. Now that the couple doesn't have to hide any longer, Clare is free to wear her engagement band in public. However, people quickly noticed that he is wearing a significant piece of jewelry that prompted speculation that the two had already gotten married.

After their engagement aired, Dale spent time with Clare in her hometown of Sacramento, California. The pair then flew to South Dakota to spend time with his family, her first opportunity to meet them. In this weekend update, Dale tagged New York in the geotag and suggested he'd just gotten decked out in a new suit.

While the new threads looked great, it was the hint of bling that adorned a certain finger that really stood out.

"Wait is that a wedding ring?" one fan commented.

"Ummmm is that a WEDDING RING," another noted.

Quite a bit of buzz among The Bachelorette fans ensued in the comments section. Some questioned which hand it was on this particular snapshot, although it seemed to be his left.

Some other people noted that there was a piece of jewelry that Dale wore at times before his engagement and even while filming. However, it appeared that he always wore that on his right hand, as he did here. While it's difficult to tell, it also doesn't necessarily appear as if this is the same piece of jewelry.

"Did you secretly get married? Wearing a ring already I see," someone else commented.

"Wedding band? You both are adorable together," another wrote.

It seems unlikely that Clare and Dale have gotten hitched already. However, this pair has made it clear they plan to do things their own way, on their own timetable. Given their whirlwind romance, it certainly possible they already quietly tied the knot.

As crazy as this journey has been for the two of them, viewers did learn some interesting information about their backgrounds in a recent episode. Both Clare's and Dale's parents had whirlwind courtships and engagements of their own. That could be just enough of a "sign" for these two to go ahead and get married sooner rather than later.

At this point, it doesn't look as if Dale has said anything one way or the other about the speculation. The Bachelorette stars seem to be blissfully happy, and they've shared that they're already looking for a new house together in Sacramento.

Fans will certainly be keeping their eyes peeled to see if they spot any other signs that Dale and Clare already exchanged vows.