Lisa Rinna, 57, Shows Off Insanely Fit Body As She Kicks Up Her Leg While Wearing Black Teddy & Tie-Up Pumps

Lisa Rinna kicked up her heels during a sassy photo session for her makeup line. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 57, shared a behind-the-scenes video as she worked on the Rinna Beauty campaign.

In a post shared with her 2.6 million Instagram followers, Lisa posing on a brown chaise lounge. The mom-of-two wore a push-up back teddy and tie-up Christian Louboutin heels as she kicked her leg straight up and raised her arm. Lisa playfully stuck her tongue out and pursed her perfect pout. She hammed it up for the camera as the photographer said she looked "gorgeous." The Bravo beauty's insanely fit and toned body was on full display as she posed for the photo session in the skimpy outfit.

In the caption to the post, Lisa told her followers that she had a lot of fun working on the ad campaign for her long-awaited beauty line.

In the comments section, fans and famous friends reacted to the busy star's video clip.

RHOBH alum Eileen Davidson offered her former co-star congratulations as she seconded the "gorgeous" comment.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran's husband Harry Hamlin went one better as he posted a fire emoji and noted how hot his wife is.

"Reason 878,999 why Lisa and [Harry Hamlin] are still married after all these years," one fan joked.

"Legzzzzzzzzz," another added of Rinna's endless gams.

"R u naturally like that or do u have to work hard at it? Damn woman u r in fabulous shape!" another asked.

Other fans noted that they want a body like Lisa's.

"Lisa Rinna is like a beautiful vampire. I want what she's having!!" one admirer wrote.

Lisa's new post came hours after she showed off a finished shot from the campaign shoot. In the ad touting the launch of her lipstick line, the super fit mom-of-two posed with her leg up high to reveal the red bottoms to her high-end shoes.

Lisa's body has long been the envy of her fans. At age 57, the actress and entrepreneur has no problem posing in swimsuits and small outfits. Her dance routines in underwear and bathing suits have gone viral on social media, and she has also posed without clothing in the past. It's no surprise that for her makeup launch, she decided to use her most famous assets to create extra buzz.

In addition to launching her lipstick line, Lisa recently resumed filming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.