Denise Richards Lays In Bed For Late-Night Snack In Spain As Fans Beg Her To Return To 'RHOBH'

Denise Richards had a late-night meal in her hotel room in Spain, but some fans wanted to see her at more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dinner parties.

The actress, 49, shared a new Instagram pic with her fans after logging an extremely long night filming the series Glow and Darkness in Madrid. In the photo shared with her 1.3 million social media followers, Denise posed in bed wearing a black tank as she held a bowl of pasta loaded with chopped tomatoes and basil. The gorgeous star gazed at the camera as she held up the hefty bowl.

In the caption to the pic, the Wild Things star revealed that she ordered room service at 3:30 a.m. because she was so hungry after a long day on the set. While it was only a few hours until breakfast time, Denise wrote that she was too hungry to wait so she made the middle-of-the-night room service call.

In the comments section, followers reacted to Denise's pasta breakfast, with one seemingly referencing her former RHOBH co-star Teddi Mellencamp's controversial low-calorie diet plan.

"I love how you don't give a sh*t or aren't afraid of what you eat," one fan wrote to Denise. "Unlike that horrid 500 calorie a day and only soup diet we hear from Mrs. Snoozefest."

"When you gotta have it, you gotta have it!! Rock on Denise!" another added.

Another fan jokingly asked Denise if she ordered her meal from Buca di Beppo. Viewers know that her former RHOBH co-star Dorit Kemsley has a partnership with the Encino, California location of the Italian food restaurant chain and that it was featured in scenes shot for Teddi's baby shower last year.

Others wanted to know how Denise managed to look so radiant at 3:30 a.m., and more fans begged the beauty to return to the Bravo reality show she quit earlier this year.

"You are so naturally beautiful… Miss you on Beverly Hills," one fan wrote.

"Come back to RHOBH. You are our favorite," another added.

While both Denise and Teddi are out for Season 11, the upcoming round of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will feature newcomer Crystal Kung Minkoff as well as "friend" of the Housewives, Kathy Hilton.

Denise quit the long-running reality show after two seasons following a grilling she received over an alleged affair with former RHOBH cast member Brandi Glanville -- accusations she has repeatedly denied. She has since remained booked and busy. In addition to her role in Glow and Darkness, the actress has a day job on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful. She also has several film projects in post-production.