Fox News Heirs 'Despise The Viewers They Exploit,' Alleges Conservative Columnist

A conservative columnist has accused the heirs of Fox News of despising "the viewers they exploit" in a withering takedown on the the network's next generation.

Written by Adam Mill for American Greatness, the article noted that the catalyst behind his accusation rested in the fact that Kathryn Murdoch tweeted "we did it!" shortly after former Vice President Joe Biden was declared the forecasted victor of the 2020 presidential election.

"Since marrying into the family that started Fox News, she has taken it upon herself to undermine the most prominent dissenting cable news network," he wrote.

"Kathryn Murdoch, like so many self-important, privileged, rich women, considers herself appointed by history to save the world from Donald Trump... She's not the only one. James Murdoch, the founder's son, reportedly wants to distance himself from the conservative outlets that helped make him rich. Lachlan Murdoch likewise reportedly expresses disdain for the president," Mill added.

"Rather than [report with] neutral criteria, the corrupting influence of power convinces the malleable ego of a duty to use that power for a 'greater good,'" Mill continued.

The columnist also pointed out that the leftward shift has not gone unnoticed by many of Fox's employees. For example, Tucker Carlson -- who can frequently boast the highest ratings of any cable news show and is one of the station's biggest names -- has begun to express concerns, both behind closed doors and on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, about the channel's change in direction.

A news ticker displays about Trump impeachment hearing on a screen near Fox news building.
Getty Images | Jeenah Moon

Moreover, it has also not gone unnoticed by previously loyal watchers. For example, the station experienced severe backlash against Chris Wallace after he moderated the first presidential debate. Donald Trump's supporters believed that the Fox host cut the president off too often and gave him more difficult questions compared to his opponent.

An even larger crisis was the decision of the Fox election analysts to call the state of Arizona for Joe Biden shortly after polls closed on November 3. Though Biden eventually won the state, some pollsters later claimed that the call had been made too hastily and that Fox should have retracted the call, per Newsweek.

As a result, ratings have slowly been falling as conservative viewers have begun to shift to channels like Newsmax and One America News Network.

As was previously reported by The Inquisitr, Fox saw sharply declining ratings shortly after November 3. Lachlan Murdoch warned investors that there would likely be a drop in viewership but insisted that he believed Fox would retain its dominance in network share even if the numbers fell.