Scott Baio On Return To Arrested Development: ‘I Know Nothing’

Scott Baio is set to return to Arrested Development for the popular sitcom’s revival, but the man who plays straight-laced lawyer Bob Loblaw said even he doesn’t know much about the direction of the show.

After a fan outcry and a long and drawn-out period of negotiations, the hit show Arrested Development is set to make its return on Nexflix next month. The show rejoins the Bluth family, who had been seen struggling to maintain their company after the incarceration of patriarch George (in a plot line that mirrored corporate scandals like Enron).

But though there have been many rumors about what direction the show could take now that several years have passed for the Bluth family, Scott Baio in his return didn’t have much to offer.

“What happens with [Executive Producer] Mitch Hurwitz is you don’t know anything,” Scott told “He gave me a page and then another page and that was it.”

Even on his first go-round, Scott Baio said Hurwitz didn’t give him many details.

“I actually did one episode,” Scott said return for Season 4 of the show, which originally aired on Fox. “I was surprised to be called back because the character’s really just a name. I didn’t even really know what the name was until we started working, a couple of years ago, on it.”

That name, Bob Loblaw, was one of the running jokes on the series (if you haven’t seen the show or don’t get it, try saying the name out loud).

There have now been some clues about Season 4 of Arrested Development, including some clips that were screened during panels at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour and SXSW. The actors have also begun hitting the publicity circuit in anticipation of the show’s long-awaited return.

Viewers can see Scott Baio in his return to Arrested Development when Season 4 debuts May 26 on Netflix.