Journalist Andy Ngo Under Fire For Sharing Misleading Clip Of Assault After 'Million MAGA March'

Nathan Francis

Journalist Andy Ngo is coming under fire for sharing what critics say is a misleading video of a scuffle that took place after what was called the "Million MAGA March," a large gathering of Donald Trump's supporters in Washington, D.C.

Ngo posted several clips of the violence that broke out after the rally's conclusion, as large groups of apparent Trump supporters clashed with counterprotesters. In one, a man wearing a dark jacket was punched from behind and fell to the ground as he walked in a street. The photojournalist claimed that the footage showed "BLM rioters knocking a man unconscious who was leaving the #MillionMAGAMarch," claiming that they went on to steal the person's phone. The tweet, which contains some graphic images, can be seen here.

The post was retweeted by the president, who added the caption, "Human Radical Left garbage did this. Being arrested now!"

Ngo then shared a longer version of the incident taken from a different angle, showing that the person who was attacked had been instigating violence, knocking a man to the ground and shoving several others. In the subsequent clip, he claimed that "BLM-antifa thugs are running around and beating people on the streets in DC," not making reference to the violence instigated by the group of apparent Trump supporters.

Many criticized Ngo, claiming that he misconstrued the incident to cast blame on Black Lives Matter, despite no evidence that the people taking part in the clashes were part of the movement seeking an end to police brutality and systemic racism.

In a report on the violent clashes, Newsweek noted that Ngo's clip of the incident failed to show the proper context.

"The president also shared a tweet from far-right activist Andy Ngo showing counter-protesters assaulting a Trump supporter at the march, knocking him to the ground," the report noted.

"Video posted by other users showed that the victim had earlier attacked counter-protesters."

As Newsweek reported, at least 20 people had been arrested throughout the day on Saturday as violent scuffles broke out. Two police officers were also injured, and one person was left in critical condition after being stabbed in the back, the report added.