Holly Barker Throws Her Head Back In Elation While Posing On Her Knees In A Thong

Shawna Cory

Fitness model Holly Barker dropped jaws with her most recent Instagram share on Saturday, in which she posed provocatively with a football while wearing a revealing ensemble that left little to the imagination. She teased fans in the caption about joining her and then inquired about their favorite sports teams.

Holly kneeled on both shins with her knees spread wide apart and leaned forward, balancing her weight on her right fist, which was placed equidistant between her legs. She held the football in her left hand, which appeared to be resting against her other forearm for balance.

The right side of her body faced the camera, displaying her toned torso and the curve of her booty. She arched her lower back and threw her chin into the air, letting her messy, platinum ponytail spill against her shoulder blades. Her full lips were parted and her eyes were tightly closed in an expression of exerted ecstasy.

Holly outfit included a tiny, heather gray crop top that clung to her impressive bust paired with a darker gray thong. She wore the panties pulled high over her hips, leaving visible plenty of bare skin between her slender waist and enticing derriere.

She finished off the ensemble with a set of knee pads and a pair of striped Adidas athletic socks.

"Girl," declared Katelyn Runck, emphasizing the comment with two flames.

"Welll this is hottt," declared Whitney Johns, who added a heart-eyes symbol at the end.

"Hello beauty," greeted Hope Beel.

Holly responded flirtatiously and sweetly to all three Instagram influencers, as well as to a number of her other fans who left affectionate words and emoji — the most prolific of which appeared to be flame and kissing-face.

The Inquisitr covered a quick video a few weeks ago in which Holly deadlifted and flipped a huge 475-pound tire while other gym members cheered her on. As they often do, her Instagram post included an uplifting message in the caption that reminded viewers to surround themselves with encouraging individuals who provide positive motivation.

She wore a brightly colored pair of leggings and a revealing pink sports bra that fit tightly against her killer figure. At the end of the impressive feat, she faced the camera and jumped up and down jubilantly with a huge smile on her face.