Sierra Skye Sizzles In A Minuscule Leopard-Print Bikini: 'Bliss'

Sierra Skye raised temperatures sky-high with her Saturday afternoon Instagram post. She shared a new bikini snapshot with her 4.1 million followers, and they wasted no time in showering her with praise over it.

The photo of the 24-year-old beauty showed her stretched out on what appeared to be a massage table or lounge chair outdoors. Sierra was on her side, resting her arms outside the frame on the matching piece of furniture next to her.

The blond bombshell wore a tiny leopard-print bikini for this snap. One side of the triangle top could be seen in the shot, and it appeared to have been pushed up a bit. The garment's position allowed a fair amount of underboob to be visible, along with a touch of sideboob.

This positioning also highlighted Sierra's taut tummy and long, lithe legs. The side ties of her bathing suit bottoms rested excessively high on her hip, and that was about all of the garment that could be seen. Her bubbly booty was prominently featured in this photo, much to the delight of her followers.

Sierra had her blond tresses pulled back around her neck, and they seemed to tumble over the shoulder that was away from the camera. She tilted her head down and closed her eyes as if she was taking a nap in the blissful setting of this exotic-looking location.

Over the course of four hours, Sierra's titillating post received more than 60,000 likes and 360 comments from her ardent followers. Plenty of fire and heart emoji were sprinkled throughout the comments section as everybody showed their approval.

"I love you queen!!" one fan wrote.

"Beautiful bliss!" a second noted.

"You have the best body on the planet," a follower declared.

"So much bliss I can barely handle it!" someone else raved.

Some fans noticed that Sierra seemed to have a dusting of sand on her booty. Another joked that she needed to be careful not to roll over onto what appeared to be a hair clip on the blanket next to her.

Overall, numerous admirers commented on Sierra's plump derriere and thought she looked incredible. Adjectives such as "perfection" and "gorgeous" popped up a number of times throughout the responses as well.

A couple of days ago, Sierra teased her fans with an excessively cheeky post. She shared a sexy snapshot showing her wearing a tiny neon green bikini and this one was all about her peachy posterior.

In that photo, Sierra noted that she was in Tulum, Mexico. The tantalizing shot received 116,000 likes and 925 comments in just a couple of days.