President Donald Trump Continues to Rail Against Georgia Hand Recount Via Twitter

President Donald Trump on the South Lawn of the White House ahead of his departure for Dover AFB in early 2019.
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President Donald Trump has once again voiced his displeasure with the process by which votes are being recounted by hand in Georgia. His latest criticism of the state’s efforts to confirm its results from the November 3 general election came via Twitter on Saturday.

Trump also continued to espouse his belief that radical left Democrats had conspired to turn the vote in favor of his opponent, President-elect Joe Biden.

“The hand recount taking place in Georgia is a waste of time. They are not showing the matching signatures. Call off the recount until they allow the MATCH,” he tweeted.

“Don’t let the Radical Left Dems STEAL THE ELECTION!”

As relayed one day earlier by The Inquisitr, Biden was projected to have taken the White House by capturing 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232. That’s the same margin that the president had referred to as a “landslide” following his 2016 defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

President Donald Trump meets with small business owners in the Roosevelt Room at the White House in 2017.
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Meanwhile, in an effort to put a stop to disinformation efforts on social media, Georgia’s Secretary of State — Republican Brad Raffensperger — and other officials have attempted to explain why “signature matching” isn’t actually part of the recount process.

As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Raffensperger’s office released information aiming to clarify how absentee balloting works with regard to signatures.

Per the release, any paper request for an absentee ballot had to be signed by the voter who made the request. That signature would then be compared to the one on file with the Department of Driver Services. Residents who used the online portal for their request did not sign anything and were instead required to verify their identities with a driver’s license number as well as their date of birth. However, all ballots required signing before being turned in to their local election offices.

Applications were later checked against the ballots themselves as the first step in the counting of votes.

Fulton County Elections Director Rick Barron also explained that once his office verified a signature as being legitimate, the ballot was separated from its envelope, per the AJC. As such, attempts to re-check them would not impact the recount.

Trump also tweeted on Saturday that poll watchers had not been allowed into the areas where the recount was taking place.

The president further opined, “We win on that alone!”

However, Raffensperger had announced the previous day that monitors from state and county party organizations would be closely watching the full hand count.