Fans Worry For Jeremih's Health Amid Apparent COVID-19 Battle After 50 Cent Asks For Prayers

Nathan Francis

Fans have expressed concern for singer Jeremih after some close to him -- including collaborator 50 Cent -- have taken to social media to ask for prayers for his health.

Some close to Jeremih sent messages on Saturday that revealed he was facing a difficult battle. Rapper 50 Cent opened up about his friend in a tweet on Saturday afternoon, but did not give many details, saying only that Jeremih is "not doing good" and making a reference to COVID-19. There have been no public reports about his condition, however, which sparked even more concern among fans.

Others have called for prayers for Jeremih as well. As Revolt noted, producer and music executive Hitmaka also asked people to keep him in their thoughts. He did not give any specific details on what ailment the rapper faced, but his message appeared to corroborate the news from 50 Cent that he was infected with coronavirus.

Hitmaka wrote the message was sent with the blessing of the singer's mother. Jeremih's family has not yet released a statement on his apparent health battle.

Jeremih's apparent coronavirus infection comes at a time when the virus has surged across the United States, reaching record numbers both nationally and in a number of individual states. Public health experts had warned the fall and winter months would see sharp increases in infections, as social distancing measures become more difficult in colder weather and people are gathering closer in schools and other public settings.

The pandemic has also hit the entertainment industry fairly hard, with a number of other singers and entertainers becoming infected and some dying. Just a day before the news about Jeremih's apparent infection, Erykah Badu revealed that she tested positive, but then tested negative again.

"No symptoms. Was tested for COVID. Same machine. Left nostril positive. Right nostril negative. Maybe they need to call Swiss Beats so they can do a versus between them," Badu tweeted, making reference to the popular Verzuz battles.

There were no more detailed updates from those close to Jeremih, though some appeared to take encouragement from Hitmaka's optimistic update. The music producer expressed a note of confidence in posts that came after his initial announcement, Revolt noted.

"My dawg changed my life. He gone pull thru. Pray for @jeremih," he wrote in an Instagram story.

"We need that energy [prayer emoji]... Pray for my brother. He gone shake back @jeremih," he added.