Christina Ricci To Star In The Thriller ‘Unmasked’

Christina Ricci has signed on to star in the upcoming thriller Unmasked.

The film is being directed by Geoffrey Sax, who is working from a script by newcomer Peter Scott Vicaire. Although everything is starting to come together, it’s currently unknown when production on the project is slated to begin.

The plot is centered around “a man who joins a dangerous and mysterious club in order to relive the worst day of his life.” No word yet on which character Christina Ricci will portray in the thriller.

What’s particularly interesting about Unmasked is that the script was discovered by producer Sean Thomas on InkTip. The site helps connect screenwriters with industry professionals. To date, a total of 11 scripts have been optioned through the service.

Fans of the horror genre might be familiar with Sax’s work. He previously directed the 2005 supernatural thriller White Noise starring Michael Keaton.

The filmmaker would shift gears for the family-oriented adventure flick Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker in 2006.

Unmasked will serve as Sax’s first big-screen effort since the 2010 drama Frankie & Alice with Halle Berry, Phylicia Rashad, and Stellan Skarsgard.

Although she has maintained a low profile over the years, Christina Ricci has managed to work steadily in a number of independent movies. Although she would take a stab at the small screen with the short-lived drama Pan Am, she turned her attention back to feature films.

In addition to lending her voice to the upcoming animated sequel The Smurfs 2, Ricci recently wrapped production on Serge Rodnunsky’s Fighting to Forgive. The Civil War-era tale will find her starring alongside Tom Berenger.

The talented actress recently signed on for a role in the forthcoming drama Mothers Day. The project, which also stars Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, is described a “web chat” movie that unfolds over the course of a single Mother’s Day.

Are you looking forward to catching Christina Ricci in Geoffrey Sax’s thriller Unmasked?

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