Florida Woman Claiming To Be God Torches Car At Gas Station

Daytona Beach, FL — A woman with an alleged God complex doused her car with gasoline and set it on fire at a filling station, nearly causing a massive explosion.

In this incident, the woman went into the convenience store part of the gas station and grabbed a lighter from behind the counter and took off. One of the employees pursued her and wound up in a tussle over the lighter. The attendant, who reclaimed the lighter, said he smelled gas after the wrestling match, and he was right. He noticed that there was gas on the back of her car and on the ground. She said, “don’t move, I’m going to do it…”

The vehicle allegedly had indeed already been sprayed with gas.

Unfortunately it also turned out that the woman meant business because she had another lighter in the car and used it to set her vehicle on fire at the gas pump. She left two dogs in the burning vehicle.

According to a witness, “It was just lit up into flames, like 15 different barbeques going on, huge into the sky.”

Quick thinking employees disabled the pumps before the gas station could have turned into an inferno.

Another bystander rescued the dogs from the burning vehicle. The local fire department was called out to put out the blaze that engulfed the woman’s car.

The woman then sat down in the middle of US 92 in Daytona Beach so that a car could run her over. According to police, “she said something about that she was ‘God.’ “

Divine intervention may have been the reason why no one was hurt and there was only minor property damage (a melted pump hose) in what could have been a huge disaster. Perhaps God does work in mysterious ways.

The woman, identified as Alexandra Barnes, 29, was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

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Watch a local news report about the woman who set fire to her car at the gas pump in Daytona Beach:

Here’s the famous scene from the 1993 film Malice in which Alec Baldwin denies having a God complex because he is God.