Dove Cameron Shows Off Her Lean Legs In Short Dress For Racy Mirror Selfie

Dove Cameron poses on the red carpet.
Rich Fury / Getty Images

Dove Cameron showed off her lean legs in an almost impossibly short dress and used the racy selfie to explain the significance of Friday the 13th to her followers.

The actress took to Instagram to share the revealing pair of snaps, which showed her facing the side as she stood in front of a full-length mirror. The Descendants star wore a tiny dress that showed off nearly all of her legs, which were elevated by a pair of white high-heeled shoes.

The snap was a huge hit with her 37.9 million followers, racking up more than 1.5 million likes and attracting all manner of compliments of her lean physique.

“Love you dove!!” one follower wrote.

“YOU ARE PERFECT,” added another.

The picture attracted some attention beyond Instagram as well, with many sharing it on other social media platforms.

However, the post was more than just a chance to show off her long legs and the little white dress. In the caption, Cameron shared that it was her “favorite day” — Friday the 13th. She noted that before it gained a reputation for being an unlucky time of the year, it was actually celebrated as a “day of the goddess” since 13 has a special meaning for women. She added that it represents the 13 cycles of the moon and is also a representation of women’s bodies, celebrating the connection between the two.

Cameron said the shift in meaning is an apt representation of how women have been “defamed, shamed, re-branded, and generally demonized” throughout history. She encouraged them to no longer think of the day as unlucky, but instead use it as a chance to show self-love and let go of harmful ideas. The message went over as well as Cameron’s choice of attire, with many fans sharing thanks for her messages of empowerment.

As The Inquisitr noted, Cameron’s social media followers get to see a lot of revealing glimpses of her. Just after Halloween, she took to Instagram to share a snap of the skintight black Catwoman costume she wore — a picture so popular that it garnered more than half a million likes within half an hour of being posted. While there was no deeper meaning to her Halloween costume as there was for her Friday the 13th post, Cameron still managed to wow her fans with the racy series that included some of the images of her inspiration for the get-up — Michelle Pfeiffer’s adaptation of the character from the 1992 movie, Batman Returns.