Abby Rao Traverses The Water In A Skimpy White Bikini

Model and TikTok star Abby Rao made her return to Instagram on Friday with another multi-pic offering for her 2.3 million followers. In the provocative pictorial, the 23-year-old owned the frame while posing on a boat in a skimpy white bikini set that left little to the imagination.

As she was snapped from a side-to-back view in both of the uploaded shots, her shapely posterior took center stage. Meanwhile, her flowing, golden blond locks were similarly showcased in the update.

The Clubhouse Beverly Hills co-founder credited Kacey Welch for her extensions in the slideshow while reflecting fondly on a past trip to Mexico. However, a sizable contingent of her fans appeared to be more focused on her ravishing appearance in the pictures, descending upon the comments section in droves with words of praise and virtual wolf whistles.

"Damn shawty be lookin fine," wrote one commenter.

"Luv u bae."
"What a view," opined a second supporter, who clarified, "not the ocean."

"You are so beautiful omg," gushed another admirer.

"@abbyrao let me take you out on a date in Seattle," joked a fourth follower, who referenced the post's geotag.

More than 500 fans had commented on the post within an hour of its appearance on her feed. Furthermore, the upload had accrued in excess of 100,000 double-taps.

The opening slide found the social media maven peering out at the watery expanse as she leaned against a railing. Her right hand appeared to touch her temple on her right side, while she held the other out in front of her. Her windswept mane flowed backward over her shoulders and down to the base of her spine.

Both shots included in the update were medium-wide in nature, which allowed for a clear view of the deep blue waters, the white wake her vessel created and the cloudy sky in the background. In spite of those visuals, Rao's tempting display made it difficult to look beyond her in the sexy spread.

Rao was captured from behind in the first picture, with her upper body twisted marginally toward the camera. Her stringy, white top gave way to a serious showing of sideboob, while her matching thong bottom left her taut booty mostly bare.

The second snap showed Rao from her right side in the same outfit and setting. That shot included a clear display of a tattoo just above the back strap of her bikini top. It also offered a more straightforward look at her face, as several strands of her hair had been blown across her eye and her plump, magenta-hued lips.

One week earlier, Rao flaunted her incredible curves in a skimpy Halloween costume that became a quick hit with her fans and followers.