Ana Paula Saenz Cups Her Buns In A Colorful Thong Swimsuit To Celebrate Instagram Milestone

Ana's provocative pic was taken in Dubai.

Ana Paula Saenz takes a selfie.
Ana Paula Saenz / Instagram

Ana's provocative pic was taken in Dubai.

Ana Paula Saenz gifted her devotees with a stunning snapshot of her bombshell body to celebrate a major milestone. In the caption of her November 13 Instagram update, the 22-year-old Mexican model revealed that she can now boast a robust following of 1.3 million fans on the social media platform.

Ana marked the occasion by rocking a festive swimsuit with a revealing design. Her maillot boasted a pattern of alternating crisp white vertical stripes and bold colors that included green, yellow, red, and pink. She shared a view of the piece from behind, revealing that it had a scoop back and a thong silhouette that left little of her peachy booty to the imagination.

The spotlight was already on Ana’s prominent posterior, but she drew the eye to her eye-popping asset even more with her provocative pose. She reached back and gently cupped its bottom curves to emphasize its round and lifted appearance.

Ana slightly bent her right knee and stepped her foot forward as she turned her head to the side. She sported a smoldering look on her face with her eyelids lowered and her full, glossy lips pressed together. A sea breeze blew her lustrous dark hair back away from her face.

Ana posed on a yacht with a breathtaking ocean view. The sapphire sea stretched out to the horizon, where it met the lighter blue sky. She stood near a silver railing on a narrow walkway in the center of the vessel. Her geotag indicated that she was cruising off the coast of Dubai.

Ana’s appreciative fans helped her celebrate her uptick in followers by double-tapping her alluring image over 46,000 times during the first two hours it was live on her Instagram page. They also took to the comments section to congratulate her, thank her in return, comment on her curves, and use various emoji to express their feelings about her photo.

“Such goals,” wrote fitness model Katelyn Runck, adding a fire and flexed bicep emoji to her message.

“Well, the pleasure is entirely on our side,” one fan commented.

“Bootyful view,” read a third message that included a trio of peach emoji.

“Best pic of the day and made my day too,” added a fourth admirer.

Ana can also stun her fans by showing off the front her hourglass figure. She proved as much in a photo that she shared over the weekend. The model was pictured flaunting her statuesque physique in a neon green bikini while posing on a beach. In her caption, the blessed social media sensation let her online audience know how much she loves her life.