Wolfgang Van Halen Will Give His First Full-Length Interview Following The Death Of Dad Eddie To Howard Stern

Wolfgang Van Halen will give his first full-length interview following the death of his father, Eddie Van Halen, on Howard Stern's Sirius XM show on Monday, November 16.

On Friday, Wolf shared a promotional photo for the event on his Instagram page. While he did not share any other information in the caption other than the day the event would air, fans already speculated what Wolf would discuss with Howard. The radio personality paid tribute to Eddie on his radio show after the guitarist lost a lengthy battle with cancer and died on October 6.

The post featured the 29-year-old -- the only child of Eddie and his ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli -- looking off-camera with a serious expression. In the black-and-white photo, he wore his dark hair in a shaggy fashion and sported a mustache and beard. He appeared to have on a black shirt with a leather jacket atop it.

The comments section was filled with both well-wishes for Wolf and over-the-top excitement from fans and friends of the musician.

"Set the record straight on all the incorrect info out there about your Pop, he will feel your love and you will make him proud once again. It's such a painful loss, one day at a time," one follower commented.

"Can't wait for this Wolf, I hope there's plenty of cussing out incorrect tabloids and articles!" a second fan wrote.

"Get it, Wolf! Speak up for what's right and what people are doing!" a third Instagram user claimed.

"This is the only good news I've heard for months now," a fourth follower remarked.

Wolf will debut his first single titled "Distance" on the same day of his appearance on the Stern show.

In a press release for the single, the young man revealed that he was not going to initially release the song, which was inspired by his late father and was one of his favorites tunes from the album.

Wolf shared that when he wrote the song, Eddie continued to struggle with various health issues. He began to think of what life would be like without his beloved father and how much he would be missed. This motivated him to create a tribute to one of the greatest inspirations in his life.

Wolf posted about Eddie's passing via an Instagram post seen here where he stated that Eddie was the best father he could ever ask for and every moment he shared with him, both on and off stage, was a gift.