‘Big Brother’ Fans React To Julie Chen ‘Finally’ Wearing A Face Mask As She Posts Cheeky Season 22 Tribute

The CBS host took heat for not wearing a mask last season.

Julie Chen Moonves hosts Big Brother 22.
Monty Brinton / CBS

The CBS host took heat for not wearing a mask last season.

Big Brother fans are reacting to host Julie Chen Moonves‘ tribute to the most recent season of the CBS reality show.

In a new photo shared to her Instagram page, the longtime Big Brother host posed for a selfie while wearing a sleeveless red outfit paired with a light blue face mask. The mask was printed with the phrase “BB22 By the grace of God.”

Julie, who has been vocal about her faith in recent months, also wore two cross necklaces. Her eyes were smiling as she peeked out for the too-cute snap that referenced the season that almost never happened due to COVID-19.

In the caption, Julie shared the praying hands, eyes, and smiley-face emoji.

Fans reacted in the comments section, as they tried to figure out if Julie was teasing a new edition of the long-running reality competition to air before next summer. Some viewers said they “need” a winter edition of the show to get through a lockdown, while others expressed hope for a possible third season of Celebrity Big Brother this winter.

Others zeroed in on Julie’s face mask, which was an accessory she did not wear on camera earlier this year when hosting BB22.

Over the summer, some viewers complained that Julie instructed the evicted all-star players to put on a face mask before exiting the Big Brother house for their post-eviction interviews, yet didn’t put one on herself. Many viewers thought it made no sense that the houseguests, who lived in a safe, quarantined bubble during their time in the CBS summertime house, were required to put on a mask as they exited the game, yet Julie, who was still living in the outside world, was the one remaining mask-free.

“Finally she wears a mask,” one viewer wrote in response to Julie’s post.

“How come you didn’t wear a mask on Big Brother? It seemed strange that only the contestants had to wear them when you interviewed them,” another added.

“Made no sense whatsoever the insistence that outgoing houseguests (who had been essentially quarantining in the house were mandated to wearing masks while Julie queried them unencumbered,” a third chimed in.

Others defended Julie’s decision to go mask-free when conducting the interviews on live TV.

“She didn’t need to during the show,” one fan pointed out. “She was tested pre-show aaaand then she NEVER once came close to ANY of the houseguests…..so, let’s set that dilemma aside & move onto just why she has thaaaaat particular mask on?! Hmmm.”

CBS has already announced that Big Brother will return for its 23rd season in summer 2021.