Carmen Electra Shows Major Cleavage In Corset And Bra While Shaking Her Stuff On Stage

Carmen Electra poses at an event.
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Carmen Electra is taking fans back to a time before social distancing by sharing a racy video of herself dancing on stage with the Pussycat Dolls in front of a large and boisterous crowd.

The actress and model took to Instagram to share a throwback video to her time with the song and dance troupe, showing her dancing on stage at the iconic Viper Room in Los Angeles while wearing some very revealing attire. Electra wore fishnet stockings and what appeared to be a tight black corset, with a silver-and-black striped bra on top that showed off plenty of cleavage.

Electra grooved to “The Pink Panther Theme” as she showed off some racy dance moves, at one point slapping her backside before bending over and wiggling to the beat of the music. The video, which was originally shared by singer Maverick Hill and reposted by Electra in her Instagram stories, was taken during a memorable night for the group. Legendary singer Prince was paying a visit, and in a later clip, the “Purple Rain” singer was getting into a car as paparazzi surrounded him and cameras flashed.

It wasn’t clear exactly when the clip was taken, but a 2010 story from the Los Angeles Times about Electra’s return to the group showed her wearing an identical outfit. The report noted that the iconic burlesque act was making a homecoming of sorts.

“After world tours, a Las Vegas lounge and several spin-off reality TV series, the Pussycat Dolls returned to their humble roots Wednesday night, putting up a show at Los Angeles’ Viper Room,” the report noted.

Carmen Electra dances on stage.
  Mark Mainz / Getty Images

The newspaper went on to add that there were some big stars for the return performance, including Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, and Piers Morgan. The write-up didn’t mention Prince, though his appearance could have been from a later date as Electra was back with the group for an extended time.

“Electra’s return to the Dolls stage marks a significant reunion with the dancing troupe, which she parted ways with around 2003 when the band was formed,” the report noted.

Though the clip may have been anywhere up to a decade old and it’s harder to perform for a crowd today due to coronavirus restrictions, the model is still showing off for fans in other ways. She has taken to social media to share some revealing images, including a post from earlier this week when she wore a raven corset in a sexy mirror selfie.