Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Sculpted Legs In Perforated Leggings For Core Workout With Her Husband

Carrie Underwood looked snazzy and strong while she worked up a sweat with her buff husband. On Thursday, November 12, the athletic couple made an appearance on the Instagram page for Carrie's Fit52 app in a post that was meant to help fans navigate the mobile fitness platform.

Carrie, 37, showed off her toned legs in figure-hugging leggings that flattered her famous limbs. The sleek workout pants were a rich teal color with perforated patterns on the calves that served as decoration and ventilation. She teamed her stylish bottoms with a sleeveless heather gray shirt with a crew neck silhouette. The top rode up around her slim waist. The fitness enthusiast finished her athletic ensemble with a pair of black sneakers. She styled her blond hair in French-braided pigtails that were perfectly plaited.

Carrie sat on a foam exercise mat that had been placed on a concrete floor. Her workout space also included a plush beige rug and a round wooden accent table with a few books stacked on top of it.

The "Drinking Alone" singer was joined by her husband of 10 years, former NHL player Mike Fisher. He was clad in a T-shirt with a charcoal gray front and a dark blue back. He partnered the unique piece with dark blue basketball shorts that had matching biker shorts layered underneath them. The retired pro athlete completed his look with a pair of trainers that looked similar to Carrie's and he sat on a mat that was identical to hers.

The gym-loving duo were photographed at the top of a sit-up. They both had their knees bent with the backs of their heels on the floor so that their toes pointed up at an angle. Their fingertips were positioned behind their ears and their elbows pointed outward.

The caption explained that the different playing card suits on the Fit52 app represent four different areas of the body. The core exercise that Carrie and her husband were demonstrating would fall under the club suit.

Mike now has his own path for fans to follow on his wife's fitness app, but one person suggested that Carrie looked like she was having an easier time working her abs than her spouse.

"You can tell the hubs had to work more to get the shot!! But couples goals nonetheless," the commenter wrote.

Others praised Carrie's choice of bottoms, which were a design from the country music star's own CALIA by Carrie line. As reported by The Inquisitr, she was also pictured looking effortlessly gorgeous in patterned gray leggings from the label in a photo she shared on Monday.