Savannah Prez Showcases Killer Glutes And Bronzed Body In White Bikini Bottoms

Savannah Prez takes a mirror selfie in a pink workout set.
Savannah Prez / Instagram

Savannah Prez showed off her insane figure on Thursday, November 12, in a hot new Instagram post that sent temperatures soaring. The Belgian influencer and fitness trainer took to the social media app to post a photo that saw her rocking a skimpy bikini that did a lot more showing than covering.

Prez was photographed standing outside in the woods as she stood on a rocky terrain surrounded by coniferous trees. According to the geotag, she was in her home country. She turned her back toward the viewer, highlighting her enviable derriere. In a pose that accentuated her quads and backside, she propped the front leg forward while arching her back.

Prez had on a pair of white bikini bottoms boasting a thong back that exposed her strong glutes. Its medium sides sat high, baring her curvy hips. She paired it with a matching crop top that extended just past her sternum, showcasing her chiseled midriff.

She wore her light brunette hair swept to the side and styled in loose waves that hung down her back. Prez accessorized her look with a pair of silver hoop earrings and bracelets on her left wrist.

In the caption, Prez indicated that carbs plus compounds equals a perfect booty, an idea she expressed through emoji.

The post has attracted more than 37,300 likes and upward of 520 comments within seven hours. Her admirers used the opportunity to share their thoughts about the picture, pointing out how good she looks and how much she inspires them.

“Like I always say, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OUTTA ANY FITNESS GAL AROUND,” one user wrote.

“I am so proud and truly thankful for you ladies showing your confidence end [sic] self acceptance for the world to see. It’s so helpful to other women to know that it’s OK to love your bodies and embrace that,” replied another admirer.

“You have the best thighs on the internet [four fire emoji] So in love with your physique,” added a third fan.

“Wow you are simply amazing!!” a fourth follower chimed in.

As a fitness personality, Prez is known for sharing content that highlights her body, which she pairs with messages that promote a healthy lifestyle. She recently posted another image that saw her rocking a stylish swimsuit featuring a colorful geometric print, as The Inquisitr has written. The camera captured her from the left as she sat on a large rock near what looked to be a canyon. She pulled her hair up in a high ponytail tied with a pink scrunchie.