Former Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos Relaxes In Her Underwear With A Cocktail

Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos participates in Miss Universe - Yamamay Swimsuit Runway Show at Trump National Doral on January 14, 2015 in Doral, Florida.
Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Model Karina Ramos thrilled her 698,000 Instagram followers with her most recent update on Thursday night, garnering over 2,500 likes in the first 10 minutes after it was uploaded. The Costa Rican television host and former Miss Universe contestant looked casually stunning wearing a pair of black briefs and a t-shirt rolled up to her navel. She held a rocks glass filled almost to the rim with an amber-colored liquid, ice, and a generous twist of citrus.

Karina posed next to a bed dressed with crisp white sheets. She stood with her right foot on the floor and balanced most of her weight on her left knee, which was placed on the mattress next to her. One hand rested against her slender waist, and she grasped her cocktail with the other.

She faced her body to the camera, but her head was turned slightly, and she wore a huge, flirtatious grin. Her smile accentuated her high cheekbones, and her eyes flashed with merriment.

Her deep red hair was styled straight and flipped casually to one side. She let a portion of it slide over her left shoulder.

Karina’s undies had a tight fit, and the low waistband had the Calvin Klein brand logo written across the front in white block letters. Her top was a pastel blue shade and featured two phrases in Spanish, along with the name Julio printed vertically next to the sentences. She appeared to have knotted the lower hem at the small of her back, as the bottom was gathered snugly around her midriff, revealing a section of bare, tanned skin between the two pieces.

Karina tagged the rum distillery Ron Flor de Caña in the caption, and a Google translation from Spanish indicated that Karina suggested that one should celebrate good days, as well as appreciate the bad ones because they provide important lessons, and reminded her supporters to remain positive. She ended the statement with a “cheers.”

The bed on which Karina posed had a plush, heather-gray headboard and an array of white pillows, including a small square one with a portrait of a happy dog rendered in bright, abstract colors.

The nightstand behind her featured a retro-modern vibe. It had rounded corners and short, slender legs. The two narrow drawers had matching pulls, and the entire front appeared to be upholstered with a gray fabric face.

A full bottle of rum and a lantern with a bright, glowing flame sat atop the stylish piece of furniture.