'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nina Gets Emotional As Phyllis Seemingly Clues Her In About Her Baby's Birth

Kim Brandow

Nina Reeves is getting closer to finding out what happened to her child. On Friday's General Hospital, she may just get the answers she is seeking about the baby she gave birth to years ago.

The Crimson editor is bound and determined to find out if her child is alive or dead, and Phyllis -- the nurse who was there the night she gave birth -- may give her exactly what she needs. Curtis found Phyllis, and Nina recognized her right away when she arrived at the Metro Court. The two women hugged and sat down to talk. Jax was there as well. Nina proceeded to ask her what happened to the baby that she gave birth to. On Friday's General Hospital, she will get quite emotional and have tears running down her face, as seen in the previews. Despite it looking like her gaining some insight from Phyllis about that night, it may not go well. According to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Nina will be feeling a bit defeated next week. It sounds like Phyllis may either not know the exact details or she won't have good news.

It's been way too long since this storyline began. The mystery of Nina's pregnancy has really been ongoing ever since Willow Tait came to Port Charles. General Hospital fans are growing a bit impatient to find out the truth. Spoilers hint that she will be one step closer to discovering what happened that night, but the whole story will likely not be revealed this week.

Carly Corinthos is expected to discover something shocking on Friday. She is currently involved in a few storylines, with one of them being the truth surrounding Nelle Benson's death. Nelle's half-heart necklace is in her house after Avery found it in the woods, and that would seemingly be the link to Nina's child. It may be that she finds it and realizes what that means. On the other hand, this spoiler may also mean that Carly's discovery has something to do with Sasha Gilmore's drug use.

Nina may also be in for more heartbreak than just the news about her child. Jax and Carly seem to be getting closer than Nina would like, and she has been getting a bit jealous. The two exes share the secret behind Nelle's death, and that has them spending more time together.

Eventually the truth of what happened to Nina's son or daughter will be told. November sweeps would be the perfect time for that to happen.