Suzy Cortez Showcases Ripped Thighs And Bare Abs Wearing Unusual Cut-Out Bodysuit

Suzy Cortez snaps a selfie.
Suzy Cortez / Instagram

Suzy Cortez sizzled in her most recent Instagram post on Thursday evening, where the insanely fit model displayed her impressive physique wearing a clingy bodysuit which left little to the imagination. The sultry selfie racked up over 3,200 likes in the first hour after it was posted.

According to a Google translation from Portuguese, the Miss BumBum World 2019 winner expressed in the caption that she had an exceptionally productive day. She also tagged the gym Bodytech Iguatemi São Paulo in Brazil.

Suzy’s outfit was a vivid purple shade that popped against her olive complexion. It featured a revealing design that showed off her toned abdominal muscles and a tiny glimpse of underboob. The top of the garment had a high neckline with straps that rested close to her neck, and the lightweight fabric distinctly outlined the shape of her body.

A teardrop cutout in the center began at the top of her cleavage and plunged nearly to her navel. It was embellished with a pair of straps that extended on either side from just below her breasts, crossing over one another and attaching halfway down her torso.

The tight fit of the legs accentuated the definition of her massive thighs and calves.

Suzy stood in an elevator for the impromptu selfie, using the mirror on the back wall to capture her image. The lower half of her face was covered with a multicolored printed scarf, in front of which she held her phone. A large Louis Vuitton bag was looped around her right forearm, and she placed her hand on her cocked hip.

She wore a pair of headphones over her long, dark hair, which was loose and pushed behind both shoulders, cascading down her back. A gold-colored cross on a delicate chain around her neck peeked out between her mask and the neckline of the athletic wear.

Just a few weeks ago, The Inquisitr covered a post in which Suzy stripped down to nearly nothing and showed off her killer booty for the camera. She wore a two-piece pink lingerie set that consisted of little more than a series of adjustable straps encircling her body, combined with a few pieces of flimsy material that covered only the most essential parts. The buxom brunette gave the camera a wide-eyed, come-hither look and tugged on her panties seductively. At the time of this writing, over 24,000 supporters have hit the “like” button on that post.