Swedish Stunner Anna Nystrom Shows Off For Fans In Skintight Leather Pants

Anna Nystrom poses for a selfie.
Anna Nystrom / Instagram

Anna Nystrom showed off her lean legs in a pair of skintight pants, and she looked to her Instagram followers for a bit of fashion advice.

The Swedish model took to the social media site this week to share a series of photos that showed her wearing a large leather jacket and pair of tight pants. In the caption, she asked her fans which shot of the three they liked the best.

In the first image, Nystrom stood in front of a white wall, facing away but turning her head back. With her long blond locks flowing down her back, the model shot a sultry look at the camera. She stood in the same pose for the second picture but looked back toward the wall, showing off more of the soft waves in her hair. She leaned against the wall for an action shot in the last of the series, appearing to toss her hair as she gazed at the camera with a slight smile.

The post was a huge hit with her fans, racking up close to 30,000 likes and attracting plenty of compliments. Many identified their favorite picture — as Nystrom had asked in the caption — but many had a difficult time deciding which one looked best. A number of them picked all three, while some said that her good looks made it impossible to choose one specific snap.

“In all you look beautiful,” one follower wrote.

“Very hot indeed!” another fan commented.

Others gave high marks to her fashion sense.

“Looove this jacket,” a third person remarked.

Nystrom’s Instagram followers had already gotten a glimpse of the black jacket and pants combination in a post shared earlier in the week — a single photo showing her smiling as she faced the camera directly. The straightaway shot earned some attention as well, garnering more than 60,000 likes. All of the images appeared to be from a professional photo shoot — something that her fans have seen a lot on her social media feed.

Nystrom frequently takes to Instagram to share some revealing snaps from her modeling work, including those that showcase her penchant for wearing leather. As The Inquisitr noted, she took to the site earlier in the month to show off while wearing thigh-high black leather boots, with her hair pulled back in long braids. Like the series shared this week, the image showed her standing in front of a white background.