Demi Rose Displays Curvaceous Figure Wearing Nude Bikini Top And Pink Satin Robe: 'Isolation Situation'

British model Demi Rose stunned her 15.2 Instagram followers with a gorgeous pair of images on Thursday evening, in which the busty brunette showcased her insane curves wearing a sexy bikini that gave the illusion of exposing a scandalous amount of skin. She topped the two-piece with a satin robe. She mentioned the continuing need to self-isolate in the caption, and appeared to be successfully doing so in a luxurious outdoor environment.

Almost 43,000 followers hit the "like" button in less than half an hour after the post was uploaded.

In the first snap, Demi reclined in a suspended beach swing constructed of a rectangular wooden frame and a supportive netting created from knotted black cord. The sturdy line was also fastened at each of the four corners and joined at a single point above her head, forming an intricate series of wrapped ties which allowed the structure to freely hang a few inches above the sand.

She posed sitting with her legs stretched out and her feet on the ground in front of her. Her left elbow rested on one side of the swing, and she draped her hand next to her thigh. Her right elbow was bent and she lightly grasped the rope extending from the front of the rustic chair.

Demi's enviable physique was covered by an elegant garment featuring a bright fuchsia fabric. The robe had long sleeves and was tied with a matching sash around the most narrow part of her waist. A wide collar and open, plunging neckline revealed a glimpse of cleavage.

She opened the bottom of the garment and seductively pulled the side up to the top of her thigh, exposing one long, lean leg.

The background included a collection of lush, green trees which created a secluded grove surrounding a one-room inflatable bubble tent made from a clear, durable plastic. The impressive structure was erected upon a wooden deck that raised it several feet off the sand. It appeared to contain a circular lounge chair with plush pillows and a small table holding a selection of beverages. A cylindrical vestibule attached to one side created an entryway through which one could enter and exit.

The second photo captured Demi standing in a provocative pose with the ocean at her back. She placed both hands behind her neck and arched her back, showcasing her bathing suit, which featured a pale fabric that perfectly matched her skin tone and was embroidered with butterflies across her breasts.