Bru Luccas Flaunts Her Booty & Jogs Down The Beach In A Saucy Instagram Video

Bru Luccas takes a snapshot.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Bru Luccas generated a lot of heat with her Thursday afternoon Instagram video post. She wore a bikini that her 3.6 million followers likely recognized from some earlier posts, and it seemed the perfect choice for this oceanside strut. Over the course of the clip, Bru gave people a chance to thoroughly appreciate every angle of her killer physique.

A couple of weeks ago, Bru wore this bikini while she danced on a boat. The black fabric was adorned with tiny shells across both the chest and pelvis. This certainly seemed to be a suit she came to love, as she’s worn it a couple of times since then, including under a pair of shorts and cover-up for another boat ride.

For her latest sultry update, Bru walked barefoot through the sand along a beach. It was soon revealed that the ocean was just steps away from her. Other people, buildings, and footprints could also be spotted.

The 26-year-old bombshell started out under a pier and initially walked toward the camera. Her blond tresses were styled with a middle part and blew loosely behind her as she strutted her stuff.

The Brazilian beauty flaunted her cleavage as she boldly moved forward. Ultimately, she wasted little time in giving everybody a look at her perky booty as well. She smiled throughout all of this, seemingly knowing the impact she was having on her followers.

Soon Bru came quite close to the video camera, and she could be seen with a sultry expression on her face. She lifted her head a bit and walked past the person taping, and she then moved confidently down the beach.

The tiny black and shell-covered thong bikini bottoms left little to the imagination. Bru swayed her hips back and forth, and with each step, the tassels on the side ties of her bottoms added an extra sense of sexiness.

“Absolutely wonderful and beautiful woman,” one fan declared.

“Incredible, 100% PERFECT,” another raved.

In just the first hour, Bru’s video was liked more than 40,000 times and received 550 comments. Many of those notes consisted entirely of emoji, as she seemed to have left quite a few people essentially speechless. As is typically the case in the comments sections of what she shares, numerous notes were written in her native Portuguese.

“Amazing babe,” a follower commented.

“Your mind blowing beauty is spectacular,” someone else praised.

It was clear that everybody loved this sultry, fun clip. Bru’s figure looked incredible from head to toe and her confident vibe added a dash of sexiness that seriously raised temperatures among her millions of Instagram followers.