Gabby Epstein Gets Wet By Taking A Hose To Her Bikini-Clad Body

Instagram model Gabby Epstein attends the HiSmile Tooth Whitening Party in 2018.
Jono Searle / Getty Images

Australian model and Instagram maven Gabby Epstein got wet and wild for her 2.3 million followers in her latest update to the social media platform. The Thursday, November 12 post featured an enchanting, multi-pic set that showed the 26-year-old drenching herself with a hose while sporting a tiny yellow bikini, a cowboy hat and multiple necklaces.

Epstein captioned the sexy spread by referring to herself as the “Cowbrero” and announcing that she had taken Cabo. She also credited PrettyLittleThing for her scanty swim ensemble, which proved to be a big hit with her fans based on the outpouring of affection in the post’s comments section.

“STUNNING!” raved one impassioned commenter. “Omg I love all these.”

“Girl you’re literally the definition of perfect!” gushed another devotee, who added emoji to further emphasize the sentiment.

“Hottest insta pics of the day for sure!” opined a third fan.

“However much water you spray on them, they won’t come off,” joked a fourth follower.

The model’s adoring masses further expressed their appreciation for the sultry snapshots by double-tapping the update to the tune of 30,000-plus likes in less than two hours after it had appeared on her feed.

The first photo of the provocative pictorial found Epstein standing beside a pool with a magnificent seaside view filling the background behind her. With the wide brim of her hat lowered and loose strands of her wet hair touching her shoulders, she held the end of the hose to her bare midriff. Consequently, it drenched her tummy, thighs and bikini bottom.

Epstein’s tiny two-piece suit was a bright yellow color which provided incredible contrast against her sun-kissed skin. The top allowed for an ample showing of cleavage. Meanwhile, her bottoms pleasingly hugged her curvy hips.

The second picture showed Epstein striking a similar pose, save for the fact that she turned her body slightly to the side. Moreover, her lips were visible in the shot and her necklaces could be seen in greater detail.

That photo was followed by three shots which utilized a vintage-style filter. Epstein was seen holding the still-running hose away from her body in the first of the three. As she did so, she peered directly into the lens of the camera with a wide grin on her fully visible face. Next in line was a close-up shot of her upper body as she allowed water to flow freely onto her ribs, stomach and chest.

Finally, Epstein wrapped up the slideshow with a sweet snap of herself and her dog.

Earlier this week, Epstein flaunted her enviable booty in a post featuring both a video and a picture in which she appeared topless.