Daisy Keech Flaunts Cleavage In Skimpy Lingerie While Getting The Morning Paper

Daisy Keech snaps a selfie.
Daisy Keech / Instagram

Bikini model Daisy Keech delighted her 5.3 million Instagram followers with her latest update on Thursday afternoon. The stunning blonde stepped outside wearing a revealing ensemble which must have had the neighbors in her Los Angeles, California neighborhood talking.

The top of Daisy’s two-piece lingerie set was a cropped white tank with spaghetti straps and a low scooped neckline. Lightweight fabric clung to her petite frame and the curves of her breasts. The garment featured a short series of snaps in the center, half of which were unfastened to give a better view of her alluring cleavage.

She paired the top with a pair of short shorts made from a shiny satin fabric and featuring an elastic waistband that sat high on her slender midsection. Both sides were embellished with matching rows of tiny metal snaps which were open nearly all the way up to the waist, putting most of her thighs on full display.

In the caption, Daisy credited the brand Revolve for her lingerie.

She finished off the outfit with a pair of fuzzy, leopard-print slippers. Her long hair was parted in the center and twisted into a messy bun at the back of her head and secured with a plastic clip.

She carried a ceramic mug, from which the tag of a tea bag dangled. In the second snap of the set, it appeared that the cup was empty and was likely used as a prop.

The two snaps seemed to be in reverse order. In the first, Daisy posed casually as she stepped off the small porch with one foot, letting the toes of her back foot rest on the gray stone behind her. She turned both her hips and shoulders to the camera, and opened her arms wide enough to showcase her enticing physique.

In addition to the mug she grasped in one hand, she held a folded newspaper in the other, which she appeared to be perusing.

The second snap showed Daisy bending down to grab the paper off the front walkway, which was constructed of multicolored stone tiles cut into a mosaic design. Her feet were slightly spaced and parallel to one another, and she bent her knees as she leaned over. The position gave fans an ample view of her tempting assets as they nearly spilled out of the top of her shirt.

A trio of pumpkins and some festive rustic brooms flanked either side of the open front door behind Daisy.