Yanet Garcia Sizzles In Sultry Swimwear & Unbuttoned Daisy Dukes For 'Maxim Mexico'

On Thursday, Yanet Garcia took to Instagram to share a video highlighting her alluring looks from her Maxim Mexico shoot. The heart emoji in her caption signaled that she loved how the shoot turned out and her 13.5 million followers seemed to fully agree with that sentiment.

The video featured Yanet enjoying some sunshine by an outdoor pool. One look early in the compilation clip showed her wearing a brown two-piece bathing suit that had some bling added to the bottoms. There were glimpses of a multicolored striped swimsuit and a light-colored two-piece as well.

Yanet's chiseled abs were highlighted at one point as she was filmed soaking wet and walking toward the camera. A red striped one-piece made an appearance too as Yanet flaunted her perky booty from the pool. This particular bathing suit actually popped up in one of her Instagram posts a couple of months ago when she first hyped the project.

A sultry look that got a lot of play in this compilation showed Yanet wearing white Daisy Duke shorts and a mustard-yellow crop top. The top had a knotted tie in the front and ruffles along the bottom hem. The cut highlighted her ample attributes and exposed her rock-hard abs as well.

The 29-year-old had the waistband of her skimpy shorts unbuttoned. She strutted a few steps while flaunting her slender waistline and curvy figure, much to the delight of her fans. Yanet showed off her pert bum while walking in the shorts.

She also incorporated quite a few shots that showed her seductively jumping up out of the pool while soaking wet or tantalizingly lounging in the water. Both her buxom bosom and peachy posterior were highlighted in this short montage of sizzling-hot glimpses of her fit physique.

The clip ended with a return to the striped bathing suit that consisted of bright green, yellow, red, and pink vertical stripes against a white background. She smiled and blew a kiss toward the camera as the clip ended.

During just the first hour after Yanet had posted the video, it received more than 70,000 views. About 150 comments and 15,000 likes gave the Mexican beauty a sense of how much everybody loved this tantalizing look at her Maxim spread.

"Most beautiful," one fan wrote.

"That is awesome Wtg," raved another.

"Wonderful," someone else responded.

Many of the comments simply consisted of appreciative emoji and a few were written entirely in Spanish. Regardless of the emoji or language used, it was clear that people were completely entranced by this mesmerizing look at Yanet's most notable assets.