Chloe Saxon Shows Off Her Sultry Curves In A Fishnet Bodysuit

Chloe Saxon snaps a selfie
Chloe Saxon / Instagram

Brunette bombshell Chloe Saxon shared a sultry new photo with her 845,000 Instagram followers on Thursday. The British beauty chose a titillating ensemble that immediately generated a lot of heat among her enthusiastic fans.

Chloe noted that this was a garment from online retailer Fashion Nova. The black bodysuit had long sleeves and a modest neckline. The rest of the jaw-dropping piece, however, was plenty sultry and not exactly conservative.

The bodystocking had lace detailing and fishnet across much of the front. The sleeves were fishnet and lace as well, whereas solid black fabric seemed to provide relatively thorough covering along the bottom.

The high leg openings accentuated Chloe’s slim waistline and curvy hips. The sheer styling across the chest teased people with a sense of her busty bosom underneath.

The 34-year-old model snapped this selfie while lying on the gray carpet in her home. She braced herself with one hand and crossed one bent leg over the other. She faced the mirror that she used to snap the shot and had her plump lips parted slightly as she looked at the camera on her phone.

She teased that an ensemble like this could spice up anybody’s night at home, and nobody was about to argue with this sentiment. The sultry snap highlighted Chloe’s intense hourglass curves and showed off a rose tattoo that could be seen on her upper thigh.

The model’s long raven hair was styled in loose waves that tumbled over one of her shoulders. She didn’t appear to be wearing any jewelry, letting this titillating bodysuit do all the talking.

Within minutes, thousands of Chloe’s followers had already noticed this post and hit the like button. One hundred people commented during the first 30 minutes after the photo had first been shared, and it was clear this alluring look was a major hit.

“Amazing body you have,” a fan noted.

“Your figure is amazing,” another raved.

“So sensuous,” a follower detailed.


A few days earlier, Chloe got people talking with another selfie. That one seemed to be taken in a similar spot in her home, with its gray carpet, white walls, and modern furniture pieces in the back. For that snapshot, she wore skintight jeans, a black crop top, and over-the-knee stiletto-heeled boots.

That was a Fashion Nova ensemble as well, and it was well-received by her followers. More than 14,000 fans showed their love by liking that post. It looks like Chloe’s new bodystocking snap, however, may eclipse that previous shot in a very short amount of time.