Morgan Ketzner Leaves Little To The Imagination As She Sizzles In A Skimpy Bikini

Mackenzie Jerks

Morgan Ketzner tantalized her 600,000 Instagram followers with her Thursday afternoon post. The model wrote that she was "missing the ocean" as she shared a steamy bikini picture showcasing nearly every inch of her tanned skin and slim body.

The 24-year-old struck a lighthearted pose in front of a beautiful backdrop that included bright blue water behind a patch of white sand. A picture-perfect blue sky added even more beauty to the already stunning background.

The influencer stunned in a skimpy bikini from Luli Fama swimwear, who she tagged in both the post and the caption of her update. The colorful ensemble featured multiple different prints on the material, including seashells and flowers. The bottoms of the suit were held together with thin strings that were tied on the side of Morgan's curvy hips. She pulled the waistband above her hipbones, accentuating her sexy figure. The top of the bikini had tiny cups that just barely covered the surface of her breasts. The cups were held together with a large gold ring in the center of the garment as well as two thin straps that were tied together at the back of her neck.

Morgan appeared to have taken a swim prior to the sizzling picture being taken, as her dark brown hair was wet while being held together in a messy bun high on her head.

Much to her fans' delight, Morgan struck a playful pose for the photo. She pushed her hips to the right, showcasing the muscle definition in her left leg as well as the curves in her hips. As she stood up straight, the model bent her left arm and rested her hand on top of her head, letting her opposite arm lay naturally at her side. Usually, Morgan maintains a serious expression on her face for her updates. However, she switched it up for her latest post, giving her fans a bright smile as she gazed directly into the camera.

"Beautiful," one person simply wrote.

"You're my dream girl," another fan gushed.

"You are too perfect!" a third follower exclaimed.

Morgan has been teasing her followers recently, giving them a glimpse at her flat midsection in clothes that flatter her desirable figure.