Juicy Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Cyrus Has Plans For Brando & May Face Questions From Sasha

Jeff Kober plays Cyrus on 'General Hospital'
Nick Agro / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Thursday suggest that Cyrus Renault’s presence in Port Charles will have people quite on edge. Viewers have seen that he’s successfully rattled Laura Spencer Collins as well as Jordan and Curtis Ashford. Now, it seems that his antics will have a significant impact on Brando Corbin and perhaps Sasha Gilmore, too.

The General Hospital preview shared via Twitter details that Brando will begin facing some challenges thanks to his new gig working for Cyrus.

Viewers know that Brando took this job with hopes that he could infiltrate Cyrus’ mob organization and keep Sonny and Jason informed of any developments. So far, it doesn’t seem that the mob boss is suspicious of his new employee.

The sneak peek shows Brando standing next to a table where Cyrus is sitting. They’re both in suits, a significant change of pace for Brando. Cyrus will ominously tell his new employee that they will just have to rectify a situation.

Is this about Sonny and Jason? It seems likely, but this veiled threat could be connected to any number of people as Cyrus has plenty of irons in the fire.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Brando will have a talk with Carly during Thursday’s show, too. General Hospital spoilers note that he will make her a promise of some sort, which may be simply that he’ll be careful or something of that sort.

The General Hospital preview also shows Sasha asking someone what they want in return. It seems quite likely she could be talking to Cyrus here.

Cyrus swooped in when he saw that Sasha was on the verge of hitting rock bottom in her life. He’s made it clear he’ll be helping her and looking out for her. However, he probably expects something in return, and it seems she may be wise enough to wonder exactly what he expects.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Brando will start to connect with Sasha soon. It sounds as if he’ll see that she’s in distress, and he’ll try to look out for her. This might even pave the way to a romance of sorts, but that’s not known for certain.

Thursday’s episode will also have Chase talking with Brook Lynn while Willow and Michael banter a bit. Carly will tell Jax she has news about Nelle, while Nina apparently lashes out at Cyrus.

Viewers will also see Elizabeth trying to wrap her head around Franco’s confession. She certainly won’t readily accept that she might face losing her husband after everything they’ve gone through, and General Hospital teasers share that she’ll be determined going forward.

All signs point toward some crazy developments on the way when it comes to Cyrus and his goals. General Hospital teasers suggest that there might be some juicy surprises on the horizon, and fans are anxious to see what’s set to go down.